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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review Beyond the Orange Moon (Matthews Family, 2) by Adrienne Frances

A Review by Beverly 

Beyond the Orange Moon (Mathews Family, #2)Beyond the Orange Moon by Adrienne Frances
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Absolutely Adored Stars

I couldn’t love this story more. I was so excited to start this one and usually that usually leads to disappointment with me. I tend to hype books up too much in my head and then when I finally read them I am let down, but not with this one! I knew I would enjoy this story based on the blurb but what I didn’t expect was to totally and completely love it.

"Sometimes you have to play the hand you were dealt, kid. My hand led me to you and that’s good enough for me.”

Charlie Matthews met the love of his life, they dated, got married, then had a perfect little boy. For one hour Charlie had it all: a son he adored and the love of his life. Then she was taken from him.

Lucy Dalton is almost done with nursing school. Everything is going according to plan, she is completing her practicum with her best friend and dating a med student. Things are right on track until the night a beautiful woman delivers a perfect little boy. That is the night that will change her life forever. The night she will hold this tiny newborn while his mother dies and his father begs for her to live. That is when Lucy realizes she was never meant to be a nurse.

One year later, Lucy and Charlie are struggling to move on. Neither knows how the trauma effected the other. While Lucy will never forget Charlie or his family, Charlie has completely blocked it out, so when he sees Lucy in the coffee shop, she is working in, he has no idea they have met. Even though time has passed Charlie doesn’t know if he is ready to move on.

"I can’t drag Lucy down this road. I don’t even know where it ends."

"Wherever you make it end. And, right now, you need to think about how it begins.”

After some convincing Charlie decides to pursue Lucy. She has her reservation too, one being that she has never confessed that she was the nurse that night and witnessed his tragedy first hand. She feels like bringing it up would only hurt him and since she doesn't want to hurt him, she shouldn’t see. Now don’t worry there isn’t a lot of unnecessary drama or back and forth. Things are pretty straight forward and their story is able to progress.

Lucy was the perfect heroine in my opinion, despite her secret she had the best of intentions. I loved how she loved Jackson, how she wanted to preserve Meredith’s memory and not replace her. Lucy was completely selfless with her love, she was willing to give her whole heart to this family.

As I have said this story is a favorite for me, watching these two fall in love, deal with their insecurities, and grow was completely heart warming. The Matthews family has experienced so much loss, but they stay positive and don’t shy away from their memories. I love how we get pieces of their father in every book, they are always perfectly timed and give the story so much depth.

I know it is just twelve days into the new year and this book was released last year, but I could seriously see this being a favorite of 2015 for me. This story broke my heart, but left my heart full of happiness when it was over. I truly loved Charlie and Lucy’s story. Oh and we can’t forget little Jackson, he was a show stopper for me.

I highly recommend this beautiful, breathtaking story.

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

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