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Monday, January 19, 2015

Her Backup Boyfriend by Ashlee Mallory

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted to Have Stars
 * * * 1/2

This very clearly had a purpose and I felt it did an excellent job in relaying it to us, the readers.

It is ok to work hard and have goals... to achieve and have dreams... but in the process... make sure you do not lose yourself. See things clearly; people who do not accept you for you are not worth your time or concern... learn to love yourself and others.

These are the life lessons our main characters experience while trying to help others and promote an agenda... they also learn love... powerful, all consuming love and that is a beautiful thing.

A gifted copy was provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

Ashlee was thirteen when she discovered her first Kathleen E. Woodiwiss book hidden away in her mom’s closet. After two days of staying home “sick” from school to finish it, she was hooked. Her rabid love for romance has continued ever since and after a misadventure in the world of law, she is finally settling into her dream job of writing about people finding their happily ever afters—the only stories worth reading, after all.

Ashlee lives in the greater Salt Lake Valley in Utah with her sweetie, two fabulous kids, and a dog and cat that vie equally for her attention. Sometimes by sitting on her computer when she’s trying to work. And although surrounded by picturesque mountains and beautiful landscapes, she’s practically allergic to direct sunlight, the outdoors, and anything that involves communing with nature. Give her a book, an abundance of coffee, and a shady (enclosed) spot with a view and she’s happy.

Whether writing contemporary romances or romances with mystery and suspense, Ashlee aims to create down to earth heroines and heroes that will make you laugh and fall in love all over again.

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