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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sloppy Seconds - Wrath James White

**** 3 1/2 Gross Out Stars ****

I have NEVER EVER read anything like this in my whole life!!!  I laid in bed with a permanent cringe on my face while laughing and gagging.

This just beats ANYTHING I have ever read....I only have one question:


I LOVED it!!  I can only give between 3 and 4 stars because I wanted more and more!! Plus, I think I had nightmares that night of pustules and living forever ....... sorry can't go on or I'll ruin the stories.

This book is Mr. White's entries in the "World Horror Convention - Gross-Out Contest"  Every year that he entered, Mr. White continued to come in second - even though the other contestants adapted his style of story telling.

Each story starts out with a kick-ass line then continues with a gross gory story and ends with a punch line that really has you laughing or going "HMMM?"

Morbid Obesity
Story about a man who loves to perform felactio on dead fat ladies....there comes a surprise in the middle of eating out....or is that eating in? that has this guy wondering if he should continue.

Panty Pudding
This is a story about a man who while was a boy used to watch his father having sex with an overused prostitute.  The boy had a fetish for smelling, licking and eating women's panties.  Fast forward a few decades and that prostitute is still on the same corner finding tricks while she wobbles with her can guess how the story continues.

Ohhh...I just have to say this story has to do with an abortion clinic and a crazy fetish a guy has.  I go NO FURTHER.

Felching the Worm
This is another story that I can't stomach explaining...just that it has a dead dog, a dead wife whose soul is in the dog's anus (via a voodoo priestess) and the husband/dog owner.  Ummmm...yeah - think the worst.

Crackwhore Gigolo
This is about a leper colony and a man-whore ---- ummm...just picture dicks falling off while up another guy's ass!!! HAHAHA....I got a chuckle out of that one!

Hurting Him
This is a story about a guy who wanted revenge on another for stealing his girlfriend and then dumping her which caused her to commit suicide.  It's the perfect revenge to keep this guy alive forever along with his wife and daughter, making him watch while he rapes and tortures all of them.

It's a short read and remember this is not for the WEAK STOMACH

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