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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects: A Novel - Gillian Flynn ****4 WTF Stars****
OK - I'm trying to process what I just read. 
 I thought this was going to be a weird, dark, mind-fuck book and I wasn't disappointed but..........
but it didn't grasp my attention like "Gone Girl" did.
This book deals with cutting, murder, serial killers, underage drugs and sex, psychos, bullying, MBP (Munchausen by proxy syndrome) and so much more.
Throughout the book I kept changing my mind on who was the serial killer - first I would think the mother, then one of the dad's , then the brother, then back to the was one endless circle. 
Till finally you think you know without a doubt who "did it"......
only to start questioning whether you were right....
You really start to question what the hell is wrong with this small town.
Wonderful "mind-fuck" book!!

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