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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tie Me Down (Bellamy Creek #4) by Melanie Harlow

A Review by Wendy
 4.5 Sometimes It's Right In Front Of You Stars
* * * * 1/2

Spoiler Free

Reading Melanie Harlow's Bellamy Creek series was like gaining new friends and feeling like you were part of their inner circle. You got their jokes, you understood the problems they had, and most importantly, you knew, come what may...Those guys would always have each other's backs...even if they had to tell one of them the hard truth.

Each entry was more than just a love story, it was an insight into how these guys can be there, with backstories that present deep scars, and yet, somehow find a way to support no matter what. It was a joy to see them overcoming whatever obstacles they thought they had to find the love they deserved.

In this last entry, as I wipe a tear, Beckett Weaver had one of the most frustrating journeys out of all of them.
Basically, he had loved a girl all his life but due to the way his mind worked, he didn't believe in the long term. He learned his way from his dad, to be strong, no emotional sharing, protect, and provide.

After leaving his small town to go to Harvard and make his mark on Wall Street, he was back home on the family ranch due to his father's declining state. The ranch was a full-time job, taking care of his dad was a full-time job, and Beckett had made peace with it.

When his long-lost love, Maddie returns back to settle her mother's house after her passing, Beckett offers for her to stay at the ranch. The house is in disrepair and not safe for her and her son. Maddie is divorced now and only has two weeks to settle up all of the house business. She really appreciates the offer.

Maddie has always cared for Beckett. There was a missed opportunity and it has stayed with her even through the years. When these two start spending time together, it starts in motion feelings they cannot ignore. Maddie in the past has no been sure of her choices when it comes to men. Hearing her mother's negative talk in her head has repeatedly caused Maddie to doubt herself about everything. Being near Beckett will test her.

I happened to like how Maddie was not weak when she needed to stand tall, she showed her strength especially in how she raised her son.

This book has so much in it. There is the understanding of allowing people to be who they are from the very a child. It highlights how children when they become adults sometimes reverse the dynamic with their parents, as to who is taking care of who. Most of all, it spotlights how deep pain from childhood can override so much and how hard it is to see what path to go.

With all of that going on, we also get tastes of past characters, their relationships, and futures. It truly was a well-done finale. 

 A gifted copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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