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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Knocked Up (Crazy Love #2) by Stacey Lynn

 A Review by Wendy
 3 Standing Up and Figuring It Out Stars
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 Spoiler Free

Our need to be secure in ourselves is a serious thing. If we experience negative feelings when we are young... feeling like we aren't good enough because of no money or drug addicted parenting... or on the flip side, feeling never enough for parents of wealth and status... the same inner self doubt has been planted. Both people may come from totally different backgrounds...but when push comes to shove...the trigger points are there and need to be handled.

Stacey Lynn uses those concerns in Knocked Up.

Weddings seem to be life changing to more people then just the bride and groom. Braxton was there at his best friend's wedding. It was not his usual thing but he was willing to be there because of the bond he had with the guy. One of the perks was meeting the cute, kinda shy maid of honor.

Cara has made a break. She has walked away from all of the continual pressure her family has given her. Cara never fit the mold of her family's ideas of what a child should be. All of her siblings locked stepped and obeyed the parents...instead, Cara was a square peg being forced into a round hole. She had no desire to be an attorney, she was an artist and finally stepped away.

As Cara interacted with Braxton during all of the wedding activities, she sensed this tattooed, intense man was more than that. There were sparks and she decided she needed to shed her uptight ways. They hooked up.

But their hook up was more than just sex...Both experienced a connection and Braxton wanted to see what Cara would be interested in doing the next day...Only that next day never happened. Cara woke the morning after totally lost as to how to handle a one night stand. She muttered things to herself which mirrored all the negative talk she was use to saying in her head. She snuck out not knowing Braxton heard her...

Well, wasn't that just great...Braxton had been feeling good, happy even and interested in Cara but when he heard what she had said, it just lived up to another princess full of herself and looking down on him...This was a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time.

Braxton's rearing was not picture book. Abuse and a drug addicted mom made days hard. The only way he survived was due to a man who took him under his wing. This man saw his potential and gave him the necessary tools to thrive in life. This mentor encouraged Braxton to work hard, give back and do the right things. When he passed, he left Braxton all of the wealth he had accumulated in his will. This allowed Braxton to purchase his first tattoo shop and from there a chain grew. He is set, takes care of his friends and has a carefree life....

Cara hasn't been feeling all that great. She finally goes to the Dr. and learns she is pregnant. How can that be... they used a condom! The Dr. explains they are not 100% certain. Cara is overwhelmed and needs to figure all of this out. She takes a bit of time, sucks it up and gets Braxton's info. She will go and tell him but let him know she will be doing this no matter what. She is not expecting anything, she is just going to do the right thing by letting him know.

Cara arrives at the tattoo shop and is barely able to breathe. Morning sickness is not just in the morning for her...she is having it 24/7. As she is talking to the woman in reception, she is fighting to hold it together. Once Braxton comes out and sees her...all the negative comments he heard rile him up. He isn't the most friendly and then when he sees her turn green, he ushers her into his office.

Cara tells him about the pregnancy. At first he is thinking this can't be him ...Condom Every Single Time. As Cara tries to tell him exactly the same thing the Dr told her, she is in desperate need for a bucket...

These two are tied together and we are there to see how all of these misconceptions straighten out between them. It plays on the opposites attracting, on standing up to be who you need to be, to be true to yourself. There is romance and an hea in the end.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Stacey Lynn is the author of more than two dozen romance and erotic romance novels. Most of which have been best sellers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks!

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