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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Blitz ♥ Unravel by Aashna K ♥ #giveaway $15 GC

Aashna K.
(The Love Undone Series, # 1)
Publication date: March 27th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
One Moment
That’s all it took for her life spiral out of her carefully crafted control.
One Encounter
That’s all it took for her to fall. Fall into the chasms of her dreams and Unravel.
With life betraying her plans and a future unyielding to her ambitions, Vienna Roy is at the most crucial crossroads of her life. Not wanting to look back and dishearten her already defeated heart, she accepts a challenge and starts afresh.
A new job, a new city and a new lease on life seems perfect, but it’s far from that. It’s a prismatic trap set by fate to lure her back to a time she has unwillingly left behind. Right back to him, the man in her dreams.
Kingston Sharp.
He’s a man of many talents. Fearless, Formidable, and charismatic, he blazes through every challenge that comes his way. He is a hard man to beat, and a harder one to forget. But behind the rock solid persona, lays the heart of a man who has been scarred, who has lost a lot in a very little time.
Putting in his all, he’s finally dealt with his past, shoving it in a dark corner of his heart. Forging forward, he forgets, only to find himself face to face with the one person who started it all. Her.
As the ghost of their past ignites its fury of passion, the best laid plans crumble and burn out. The inferno of their yesterday leaves nothing for them to control, ripping their hearts out. Fate makes its play, destiny intervenes and a love they never seized starts to Unravel!
I closed my eyes and prayed, for an anchor, for a distraction, for a way to make it through.
“Why don’t we start with the meeting without wasting more time? I bet you all have things you need to get done.”
My eyes flew open, forgetting everything, wanting nothing more than to look in the direction of his voice. He walked past me toward his chair at the head of the table.
I couldn’t look away, absorbing every detail.
A full head of luxurious brown hair, cut to finesse, swayed gently as he moved, highlighting the natural shades of his hair in the sunlight peeking through the blinds.
He was wearing a white shirt, covered by a dark charcoal suit that accentuated his broad muscular shoulders.
The jacket did nothing to hide the form of his well-sculpted body, making it more prominent, presenting a perfect tease to the spectator.
Recalcitrant eyes travelled lower, following his footsteps, wholly captured by his presence.
A taut derriere flaunted long, lean legs that carried him with utmost confidence and surety to his chair.
I was captivated.
Everything around me became slow, too heightened, and nothing but my heart and his presence, his evasive, invasive presence mattered in this moment.
I observed everything about him, forgetting my entire existence. Such was my obsession with a stranger I didn’t know. I wanted to know him like the emotion that lived within me, that withering throb of emptiness. I wanted him to be the oasis that washed over the Sahara of my battered heart. I wanted to be set free.
And even without reason, from within the deep recesses of my fragile, empty existence, a voice boomed with utmost surety, stating this known stranger to be my demise…and my rebirth.
My eyes locked onto his neck, reveling in his very life force, the beat of his pulse as he adjusted his collar. What I felt for him was so carnal…I craved him, as he reached out to grab the arm of the chair, wanting nothing more than to be ravished by his touch.
I wanted to be the object of his affection.

Author Bio:
Aashna K is an up and coming author, who loves writing about love. Ever since she was a teenager, love stories have fueled her imagination, so finally, after over a decade of daydreaming and brainstorming, she took the plunge and grabbed the metaphorical pen and started writing. She enjoys writing stories about first love and second chances, and always gravitates towards characters that are strong, stubborn, and know who they are. Conflict and passion drives her stories and a strong pair of protagonists, makes the book.
Apart from writing she enjoys travelling, cooking and being silly with her husband and rambunctious Brittany spaniel.