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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cover Reveal ♥ Snarky Bastard by Adeera Lake ♥

  Title: Snarky Bastard
By: Adeera Lake
Publication Date: January 20, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Zac is a tattoo artist based in New York.

He’s handsome, sculpted, smooth… And heartbroken.

He has become a bad boy who doesn’t believe in love anymore and use women only to satisfy his pleasures.

Grace is an academic researcher who has been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and doesn’t want to even think about dating men again.

When they casually meet, at the restaurant where she temporarily works after her academic job loss, Zac acts cocky and snarky. However, he doesn’t know she’s just moved to the very same building he lives in.

But neither does she. And when they accidentally run into each other again, in their building's elevator, they are both stunned to find out they live almost next door.

Internal conflicts, fighting the attraction, and recalling their past, make it hard for them to get close. But don't they say love and destiny win over everything, some way or the other?

Yet, life isn’t easy, and obstacles are everywhere, whatever they are...

Will Zac and Grace be able to finally be together, breaking their boundaries, their fears, and winning over everyday difficulties?

**This is a Standalone Full Length Novel (Approximately 50-K words) and contains NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and has a beautiful HEA guarantee**

“Can I leave my shoes here?” She asks removing her sneakers in the hallway.

I close the door and nod letting out a grin as I take off my boots. A part of me craves her more than anything. I want to make her mine. I want to claim her in every possible way. But I have no rush. I know she wants me as much as I do.

“Wow!” She exclaims looking at the large floor–to–ceiling window. “That view is breathtaking!”

I shrug. “Not bad, yeah.”

“I like the sofa!” She squeals trotting forward. “It’s so comfy, I love it!” She jumps and lays on her belly.

“Alright, I’ll be right back.”

“Where you goin’?” She mumbles.

“You wanna eat this delicious food without any wine?”

She giggles. “Oh, of course not!”

She’s damn hot.

I’m tempted to jump on her and kiss her avidly everywhere, letting our bodies ardently connect. My heart rate increases but I clench my jaw and I let out a grin.

“You’ll love this one,” I tell her before heading toward the little room where I keep my wine cellar.

“I’m sure I will,” she mumbles.

My lips have dried and my breathing has quickened. I take a deep breath and slowly exhale the air from my lungs. I don’t want her to think I just want to get laid.

It’s weird. I’ve never let my feelings take over since the promise I’ve made to myself. I don’t know what this is yet, but I know what I feel for Grace is different.

I scan the wine shelves carefully, opting for a bottle of ten years aged pinot noir and I stroll back into the living room. “Hey, you got this at the restaurant?” I groan proudly holding up the bottle, but I suddenly realize Grace’s fallen asleep.

I freeze to avoid disturbing her and I admire how beautiful she is. Her breathing is rhythmical and her lips are slightly curved up, giving her a serene expression.

I chuckle shaking my head slowly and I place the bottle on the coffee table careful not to make too much noise. Then I grab the soft warm blanket on the side of the long couch and I unfold it, delicately covering her from her feet up to her shoulders. She moves in her sleep and babbles something I don’t understand, and her breathing gets back to being steady and slow.

I turn the lights off, leaving just a small one in case she doesn’t like complete darkness, and I sit on the armchair before the sofa. As I watch her sleeping I feel tingles in my chest. I suddenly wonder when was the last time I had fun with a girl. For the first time in years I let my real self out. Today I laughed with her and I spontaneously enjoyed the time spent together.

She must have been really tired, I think as I get up from the chair.

I let out a sweet smile. “Good night,” I whisper before delicately kissing Grace’s smooth cheek.

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Adeera Lake loves writing and giving her readers the emotions they seek. She's been raised in NYC and got a BA in liberal arts, and now she travels the world, looking forward to learn and find inspiration.

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