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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Release Blitz/Review ♥ Sweet Time by Nina Lane ♥

Stuck in a boring insurance job, vivacious Mia Donovan has spent the last few years searching for her life's true path. She fills her time helping plan the wedding of her best friend to the CEO of the Sugar Rush Candy Company.

Mia has also been trying to attract the impossibly rigid Sugar Rush security chief Gavin Knight. But for well over a year, the unyielding Mr. Knight has ignored her, despite her short skirts, tight sweaters, and patently obvious flirting. And when he finally approaches her, it's only to assess the wedding plans for potential security risks.

A former soldier, Gavin has intercepted hostile anonymous letters threatening the high-profile wedding. Determined to keep everyone safe, he's forced to work with the maddeningly sexy Miss Donovan of the thousand-watt charm and irresistible body.

Irked by Gavin's many months of disregard, Mia takes her teasing flirtations to a whole new level. But her coquettish ways are no match for the edgy, lust-fueled dominant he conceals behind his impassive exterior. And when Gavin exerts his full control, Mia discovers he can protect everything except her heart.


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A Review by Wendy

4 The Value of Hope and Surprises
* * * * 
Spoiler Free

Ah, the feeling of Hope.... We hope things go well...We hope our life will be good...We hope about big ideas and the most intimate...and we do it naturally. It can make us a positive person with the idea there is the possibility of whatever we are focused on...But when there seems to be an immovable obstacle blocking all this hope...It can cause either extreme pain or...a challenge to climb that obstacle...

Sweet Time (Sugar Rush #4) by Nina Lane addresses the idea of hope, love and where does one fit in...
This is part of a series, however, I never felt lost or confused.

So back to that obstacle to climb...It is the wickedly handsome alpha chief of security Gavin Knight. If you look in the dictionary under Focused...You would see a picture of him. He started Knight Security after 6 tours of duty. He came home after being injured. He also had his own burden of PTSD. Gavin had worked through his injuries and complete control of all things seemed to be the way to handle his demons. He took his position as head of security for his best friend's company Sugar Rush Candy seriously. Nothing would ever harm those under his care.

Mia Donovan is having a moment... she is going through the motions of major enjoyment...relishing ever single burst of flavor from her very own special coffee drink of caramel-chocolate mochaccino with extra chocolate, a shot of toffee syrup, vanilla whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles.

Mia knew how to appreciate the "sweet things" in life. She was able to be there for her friends... many who have reached the point in their lives where they had found their purpose, careers and best of all... their person. Mia is sincerely happy for all of them...yet at the same time... she is seeing that her life seems stuck...

Stuck doing the world's most boring job... in a cubicle at an Insurance company...
Stuck suffering endless stapling and collating because her college major isn't employable friendly.

She is also stuck pining for a man who she has been taunting the best she can... without cracking a smile from his face...Gavin Knight is everything that cause Mia a thrill just by looking at him. She has tried over the last year to get a reaction from him... and nothing...

Tight sweaters...Nothing...
Short almost obscene skirts...Nothing
Not even flowered leggings that show off her legs and tush...Nothing

Well, Mia feels she is done... She will just occupy her time with her friend's high profile wedding. Mia has collected binders worth of details for this event... everything will be perfect... and Mia has no  time to think about Gavin and his chiseled jaw and rock hard chest... Nope, no more.

Well, life decides to shake things up for Gavin and Mia. Gavin is in charge of the security for this wedding and he will have to work side by side with Mia. Mia, who wanted to move on from her attraction for Gavin will now have to deal with him up close and personal...

Little did she know, all her teasing, tempting and sexual taunting has been driving him crazy... crazy with nasty, dirty, controlling thoughts all about this pretty fairy princess...Gavin has been wanting Mia from the start...

Their first meeting causes Mia to fight back when Gavin starts to dictate what he needs for the event and how she should just jump to and do what he says...Mia hasn't forgotten how he has been ignoring her...But as they work together, things become intense... and finally, yes, finally Gavin cannot fight the overwhelming desire he has for her...

Yum Yum

This is a story that has lots of main plot, plus sub-plot. We get some tension and the need to protect. We also get the arc of both Mia and Gavin learning and realizing who they are and could be...How they are better together.

This was an enjoyable romp... with yummy sexy times, a touch of suspense and strong ending. It left me with a sweet taste.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

A smile curved her mouth. She stretched one leg over him and straddled his waist. With her nipples poking out of her bra, her skin flushed and her hair a waterfall of gold, he could have stared at her for hours if he weren’t about to implode with lust. He pinched her rosy nipples and twisted the strap of her bra.

“Take this off,” he ordered. “I want you naked.”

She shed her bra, revealing her perfect round breasts. She braced her hands on the mattress and leaned in to kiss him deeply, her tongue tracing the line of his lips. He slid his hands down to grasp her ass, working one finger between her cheeks. She inhaled sharply, but didn’t protest, arching her back like she wanted more.

He’d give her more. And despite her willingness, it might be more than she could handle. More than she could take.

“Wait,” she whispered, wiggling back so she was straddling his thighs. “Where are the condoms?”

“Drawer in the nightstand.”

She reached over to retrieve one and took her sweet time sheathing his dick. By the time she was done, his teeth were clenched from the light, tickling touch of her fingers.

He grasped her hips. “Ride me.”

Mia bit her lip, a flush rising to her cheekbones. For a second he thought she’d decline, but she lifted herself up, her hand circling the base of his cock as she positioned herself.

Then she sank onto him, and the world exploded into the hot, tight clench of her pussy, the sound of her low groan, the clench of her knees around his hips. A flash of pain crossed her face before it was replaced with heavy lust. Heat sizzled through the air. She curled her fingers into his chest and started to move.

“Oh my God.” Her breath grew fast, her astonished gaze still holding his. “I feel you so deep, all the way up here.”

She pressed one hand to her belly and shifted again, working her gorgeous body up and down on his cock. He dug his fingers into her hips. His jaw clenched to the point of pain. He fought the urge to thrust, to drive them both to the edge. She was a fucking goddess, her tits bouncing, her body flexing and writhing, sweat glistening on her skin.

“Faster.” He bit out the order, his blood on fire.

She leaned forward, her hair falling in curtains on either side of her face, her little panting breaths puffing against his neck. Her eyes darkened with hunger and urgency.

“I need it, Gavin,” she whispered, her teeth capturing her lower lip again. “I need to come with you inside me, hard and deep and… oh God…”

“That’s right.” He grabbed her waist and thrust upward, needing to be inside her as far as he could. “Get yourself off… Christ, you’re incredible, all soft tight heat… you’re going to jerk me off, cover your little pussy with my come…”

A shudder rocked through her. She braced her hands on his chest and moved faster. Breathy cries came from her parted lips.

“I want you to do it first,” she gasped, sliding up and down his cock like a well-oiled piston. “Mark me.”

She moved off him before he could stop her, her chest heaving as she slid back to sit on his thighs. She rolled the condom off his erection and stroked, her tapered fingers moving up and down his aching shaft, her thumb caressing the swollen crown.

“Do it, Gavin.” Her voice was husky and threaded with anticipation. “Come on my pussy. Give me everything you have.”

“Ah, shit.” Every part of him tensed. Fiery pressure built. He gripped her smooth thighs and thrust into her fist. “So goddamned close… harder… now… .fuck.”

Heat exploded through him, jets of come splashing over her belly. She gasped, her fist still working his dick until the sensations ebbed. He groaned, sinking against the pillows.

“That’s so fucking sexy,” she whispered, releasing him only to slide her fingers through the mess coating her skin. “I love how you feel on me.”

“Get yourself off for me.” He stroked his hands up and down her smooth, damp thighs. “I want to watch you.”

Shivering, she slipped one hand between her legs and brought the other to her breasts. She twisted her pink nipple and worked her fingers on her clit. Much as he wanted to delve his fingers into her slippery heat again, he restrained himself from reaching for her.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of her touching herself, her body sleek and soft. She threw her head back, her hair spilling over her shoulders. Moaning, she moved her fingers more frantically, her body tensing with need.

“Gavin,” she gasped. “I feel it… I still feel you… oh God, I’m going to… ah!”

A high, keening cry broke from her throat as her body shook, her hand still rubbing her clit. Fucking gorgeous sight, spearing him with fresh lust.

“Oh fuck.” She groaned, collapsing on top of him in a hot, sweet bundle of softness. “That was amazing. My ass is still sore from your hand, and I swear that made me come even harder.”

He gave a short laugh. Yeah, he’d lost the battle all right. He was about to lose the whole fucking war. And never before had he wanted to surrender.


New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances about professors, bad boys, candy makers, and protective alpha males who find themselves consumed with love for one woman alone. Originally from California, Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization. She also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she's that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer.

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