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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Racer (Real #7) by Katy Evans

 A Review by Wendy
4 Second Generation, Just as Intense Stars
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Spoiler Free
In July 2013 I picked up a book by Katy Evans called Real. It took me by surprise; I had never read anything like it. It had this main character whose intensity and determination towards his love interest was instant and laced with the battle cry of MINE.

Evans gave the feel of overwhelming want, lust, care, and love.
She did it in such a way, it caused the reader to agree to suspend all disbelief because your endorphins were demanding it. Readers became obsessed with this story and Evans did many more books about this couple from different points of views. I read some of them and then lost touch as it can happen.

In Racer (Real, #7), we are given a gift. We are given the prodigal son of Remington and his love focus Brooke. This could have gone a lot of different ways...For me it went exactly the way it was supposed to...It gave me Second Generation Real... 2.0. ... And that is a plus for me. If you liked the first entry, the original Real... then I think you will be loving this.

It has the same intensity; Racer is a man who meets the one woman he wants to be his other half. From the moment he meets her, he is working 24/7 in ways to convenience her, she is his/ he is hers. Racer admits to himself... that love his parents have is everything he wants. He does have the same darkness his father had...and he is not sure how anyone could love him like his mother loves his dad.

That is his fear.

What is Lana Heyworth's fear...Well, she has her hands full. She loves her family of father and 3 older brothers. Her mother left all of them when it became clear she had no love for the Racing Industry. Once she left all of them, the family closed ranks around the father and his dream of Formula One Racing became their dream. They had some success in the past but lately, things have not been great.

In fact, the list of not great is...

A recent driver tryout crashed one of the million dollar cars...leaving only 2 left...
A father who is sick and no one can convince him to do any treatments....
And last but not least, with only 4 days to fly from halfway around the world to St. Pete OR where there are Formula One Drivers doing an event, She needs to find a driver that will join the team and bring the Heyworth Racing Team back to the winners Circle.


Lana goes the track and because she is trying to get there after everything has started... parking spots are slim to none... She is manipulating her car towards a last spot when a red mustang comes out of no where blocking her and winds up getting tagged by Lana...

Another Not Great for her List...

Yet when she starts to read Racer the riot act...She is taken by this staggering man... testosterone dripping off him while he looks directly into her eyes... causing the need to regroup before speaking....Lana does but the flirting starts from Racer right off the bat.

Lana is in the stands looking at drivers and Racer comes and sits next to her. Lana is having a difficult time breathing normally near him... Racer's presence is that strong. Racer looks at the list Lana has and systematically tells her what is wrong with each name...He then takes a pen and writes his name on the sheet, letting her know that is the only name she needs. Then he throws down the gauntlet...tells her where to see this Racer person work his magic.

Lana is a bit overwhelmed...she is jet-lagged, hungry and extremely tired... but the clock is ticking and she needs a driver who is the best. She shows up at the location for the illegal race and is stunned by Racer's performance. It is scary, fantastic, and just what the team needs. But then again, Formula One racing is nothing like Street racing... What to do...

Racer is himself most behind the wheel... racing is his dearest love beside his family. His passion for racing is exactly like the passion his father had for fighting. His dad wanted him to feel that way about fighting but racing was his thing. He won this street race and the only thing Racer can think about is Lana...

Both of these two are wired... Racer with his want for Lana and Lana with seeing a racer she knows will bring life to her family's Formula One team...Lana also is drawn to Racer but has her own reasons why she is trying to fight her desire for him.

She presents the offer to Racer... Come with her, become their driver and commit to the upcoming season. Racer's answer is direct... When do we leave...

We go on this Racer/Real 2.0 journey... intense sexual wants and actions....a singular focus on what Racer wants, Lana. We have Lana into Racer more than she should be or wants...because of a past heartbreak... she is constantly afraid of her feelings for Racer. She also is worried that without this chasing of the Formula One Wins, her father may slip away.

This was a ride reminiscent of how the very first Real book felt for me...amazing sexy times, intense desire for the woman the man has felt was his...Also a closer look at the demons one can have and how sometimes it can be really brave to ask for help.

I think this is worth the read if you just go with it... and as subtle reminder of all that has been Real... the cover is perfect.

An advance reading copy was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 10 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.

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