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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Release Blitz ♥ Living A Lie by ML Kacy ♥

Release Day Blitz - Living A Lie - M.L. Kacy
Author - M.L. Kacy
Book - Living a Lie
Event Date - 11th February
Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

In your early adult years, you think that you know it all.
Well that’s how I was looking back on my life. Nearly nineteen-years later,
it’s true what they say, you always learn by your mistakes, mistakes make you into
a stronger person. Boy, did I make a hell of a lot of mistakes. I never thought
that my life would turn out the way that it did. There are only four things
that I would never regret, my four beautiful children. They were, and still
are, my saving grace, my redemption of sorts. When the darkness became too
much, thoughts of them would pull me into the light.

This is my story, it’s not a story that is all sweetness and light. It’s a
story of love, regret, devastation, darkness and maybe a little redemption.

So here we are, I shall start from the beginning.
Part One

***Disclaimer- Some of the content in this book can cause triggers for some.
Also, contains profanity, erotic scenes and only suitable for readers 18+***

There have been many times that I have opened this book and
closed it again, as I was never sure it would be received well in the book
community, but then I thought I am writing this for me, and doing something I
always wanted to do.

This book is based on true of events in my own life, so it has in some form
been therapeutic to write. Words have a way of healing someone, so I will carry
on writing, included events that have happened and taking you all on a journey
with me.

I have been involved in the indie community for a number of years and have
always loved how everyone comes together in support of each other. 
I love writing and reading, living life with my family, and always coming up
with new ideas and putting then in to practice. 
I hope you all will carry on this journey with me.

<3<3<3 <3







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