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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fling (Wrong #2.5) by Jana Aston

A Review by Wendy
4 Survey Says Stars
* * * *
The following Survey has been brought to you after reading
Fling (Wrong #2.5) by Jana Aston:

Disclaimer: The participant of the survey below had not read the previous books in the series. This did not inhibit the responses in any way. Full understanding of what was being presented was achieved.

1. On a scale from 1 to 5, was there any enjoyment in the reading of this novella?
The Administrators of this Survey request the participant to refrain from shouting, Thank You.
Oh....This had all of the fun, humor, incredible sexy times anyone could want.

2. Who was the start of your fantasy while reading?
Gabe...Duh!!! For that type of Man Candy to find out the prim, proper, top notch executive assistant to his best friend and partner in his company, Sandra, is interested in doing Naughty, Sexy Things with Him...Just made the chase all the more exciting.

3. Did you feel the two characters jelled?
Yes, because she had been wanting him forever... and he was always intrigued... so when things get "INTERESTING"(oops, sorry no more shouting), meaning sexy times... Wooo Hoooo

4. How Sexy were the Sexy Times?
Extremely... Like how did this author crawl into everyone's head and reveal every office romance fantasy we have had...Yum!

5. Would you recommend Fling (Wrong #2.5) to all of your friends?
Hell Yeah, I would.

This concludes the Survey for Fling (Wrong #2.5) by Jana Aston. Do you have any additional comments you would like to add at this time?
Yes, I recommend those who are going to read this to make sure they have all of their laundry done, a fresh supply of batteries or partner scheduled to appear at some point and no interruptions while enjoying the experience.
Oh, and I have only one other thing to ask...Are there going to be more????

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

14250598 Jana Aston works a really boring day job. Really. Boring. In her spare time she loves to read sexy romance novels, especially if they involve an alpha CEO. Wrong is her first novel.

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