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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cover Reveal ♥ Closed Off To You & Holding On To You by Rachel S. Rose ♥

Title : Closed Off To You 
Title : Holding On To You 
Author:  Rachel S. Rose 

Would you give up your values for one moment of passion?

Melissa is always tempted by the men that only want one thing. When Nathan shows up in her life, she can’t say no to his advances, even though she wants more. Distracting herself by auditioning and getting through to the next round of a singing contest doesn’t work. Especially when Nathan turns out to be one of the contestants.

Nathan has a past that cripples him. His dream is to use his talent as a singer/songwriter to get to the top. No one can get to his heart there. Not even the woman who makes him laugh with her insecure ways.

Holding On To You (Singing Star Trilogy Book 2):

Would her jealously drive away the only man who had stayed?

Melissa relished her newfound relationship, until Nathan started to get all the attention. Okay, he was gorgeous. And yes, he was sure to win Singing Star, the singing contest she had crashed out of embarrassingly. However, he was hers and only hers…wasn’t he?

Nathan couldn’t get used to being attached. For so long he had kept his heart hidden under his brawn, wrapped up in his singing. Now, Melissa threatened the very thing he had been avoiding. Her vulnerability mixed with jealousy brought out a side to him that he’d been trying to hide.

Rachel S. Rose was born and raised in Surrey, England. She writes sexy empowering fiction and non fiction because she believes that women can own their sexuality and femininity. Her slightly kinky imagination combined with a need to share empowered feminine stories makes Rachel determined to find her tribe.

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