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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cover Reveal ♥ Shadows & Whispers by Joy Valentine ♥

Title : Shadows and Whispers 
Author : Joy Valentine 
Genre : Romance 

Ruby King wants to lose her virginity to one of the two legendary Redfield manwhores.  Why, to piss her mother off and have the best first experience.  She casts her net wide and catches the attention of both men. She gets more than she bargained.

“Now you look like trouble and I have to say I’m built for just that. Ya know, I’ve been watching you for a while. I wouldn’t let Doug Willis look at you, let alone touch you. He is just not capable of handling you. You’re a masterpiece and he’s just an amatuer. I am your Van Gogh. What you want is me.” Trent Meyers

For Ruby, the love she feels is overwhelming and all encompassing. ‘We loved with a love that was more than love.’ (Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe)

She loses her heart to both men.  Then one man is lost forever.  Dreams and nightmares become her prison and her reward.  Her nightmares serve as a reminder of what she’s lost, of the life she won’t have because she isn’t safe outside  her fortress.  Then comes Drew to help her search for the truth. The truth has the power to set her free.  Although she may get freedom with the truth, it may come at the price of more lives.  

I should have stayed a little distant but I wasn't capable at this point.  In the space of less than 24 hours I was totally addicted and Trent Meyers  was my drug of choice. It was that feeling of anticipation as you are at the top of the first incline on a roller coaster. You sit in the car as the attendant brings the bar down over your lap and locks it it, click. As the cars slowly move towards the mountainous high point, click,  where there is no turning back, click,  you move slowly towards the inevitable fall. Click. Now you are stopped teetering at the top of the roller coaster mountain, click, in a holding pattern for only a few short seconds, after hearing that last click. That signifies that you are so far gone, you can’t turn back or get off. You no longer have any control. There is a whirlwind of spiraling about to commence. You only teeter for a few seconds, but you know what's coming.   Your heart beats so fast and so hard, it feels like it's going to explode. You finally give in and decide that you will survive it because you have to. The finally Click happens as the cars start to move again.  Then your stomach starts to drop and your heart rises up in your throat.  Knowingly, you got on the ride, even though you knew how scary it would be because you also know there would be a thrill. The reward of the ride is the feeling and the downfall the lack of control and immense fear.  There are no guarantees how long or short the thrill will be. No guarantees that the thrill will be worth it.  Yet we still choose to strap onto the ride.  I closed my eyes, held on tight and hoped that the thrill would fill my heart.

Joy lives in Maine and has degrees from two different colleges that have nothing to do with writing or so you would think. (Accounting and Criminal Justice).
She loves music, singing, writing,redecorating her house and life! 
She loves comedy and dramatic movies. The Bruins rock! Black Bear men's college hockey is the best! Starting to really love Rugby.
The average guy always gets a chance in her books.

Romance because She can......

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