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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mega Giveaway ♥ 21 Paranormal Romance Authors ♥ #giveaway $2000 GC


Hi, there! Rachel McClellan here to tell you how SUPER excited we are to bring you this MEGA giveaway! First place prize is a $2,000 Amazon Gift Card, but we also have 15 runner up ebook and paperback prizes! Entering will connect you with 21 paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors for more great deals, freebies, and giveaway, so in a way, everyone wins!
Before you enter the giveaway, I would love to share more with you about my inclusion in the feature deals associated with this promotion: The Devil's Fool.

The Devil's Fool

The Devil's Fool Cover with gray
Eve's power-hungry witch parents will kill at the slightest insult, and Eve's unwillingness to use her own supernatural abilities is enough to incite them. Boaz, a powerful vampire, may be the only one able to save her, to give her the one thing she's never had--love. But in Eve's world, no one is who they seem and everyone has an agenda. And the more she stays with him, the more difficult it becomes to spot the true devils, especially when she becomes one herself.
Want more? Read an Excerpt Below!

Excerpt of The Devil's Fool

I cried out, but quickly covered my mouth; my terror was masked by Madelyn’s relentless screaming.

They killed her. They actually did it.

And in that moment, when the forest swallowed a young girl’s soul, hatred for my parents seared my heart.

I remained hidden while my mother returned home and my father oversaw the pitiful efforts of Madelyn calling the police to tell them that she had found her daughter dead in the woods. A suicide hanging. When my father finally passed below me, I held my breath. I didn’t want to inhale any part of his evil wake. This terrible power was what corrupted everything around him, and I wanted no part of it.

I waited until I could no longer see him before I moved. Under my breath, I whispered a command. The great branch of the tree lowered, taking me with it. When it bent as far as it could, I leapt to the ground. For most people, the fall would’ve injured them, but when I said, “Extendam,” the ground stretched and lowered, softening my impact. Once the earth returned to its natural state, I walked away.

This would be the last time I would ever use magic, I vowed. My parents had been trying to get me to use it for as long as I could remember, but now I knew why I had kept my abilities a secret. Deep down, I must’ve known how my powers would change me—turn me into heartless monsters like them.

But not now.

Not ever.

I would rather die than be like them. From that day forward, I was no longer a witch.

More Books Participating in this Promotion!

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About the Giveaway

Welcome, fans of the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy genres! This one is just for you! And really, it is! We want true fans of the genre to win this one, so our totally bad ass team of paranormal-romance-writing detectives have devised the perfect plan for vetting winners and making sure these awesome prizes go true fans of the genre–so if that’s you, don’t worry, we won’t let giveaway bots or cheaters steal your prize!
Our only rules for winning: 1 Entry Per Person (plus the additional entries you get for referring friends) and You Must LOVE Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy!
By entering this giveaway, you will be subscribed to the newsletters of our sponsoring authors for opportunities to snag more great deals, giveaways, and freebies, though you can unsubscribe at any time.
Not only will one grand prize winner snag a $2000 Gift Card, we also have a TON of fabulous runner up prizes (6 print books and 9 ebooks)!!

  • The Beast by J.R. Ward (any format)
  • Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning (any format)
  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (ebook or paperback)
  • Charlaine Harris, Dead until Dark (ebook or paperback)
  • Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh (ebook)
  • Cold Burn of Magic by Jennifer Estep (ebook or paperback)
  • Signed Copy of The Blackburne Legacy by Apryl Baker
  • Magick After Midnight Boxed Set (ebook)
  • Wolf Rampant Boxed Set (ebook)
  • Mythean Arcana Boxed Set (ebook)
  • Cursed by Lucy Leroux (ebook)
  • Flower of Hell by Noree Cosper (ebook)
  • Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle (ebook)
  • Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon (ebook)
  • Winner’s Choice on any top 10 PR/UF book on Amazon at the time of the drawing
Good luck, and don’t forget to share this giveaway with your Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy loving friends for extra entries to win!

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