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Monday, March 14, 2016

Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre

                     A Review by Wendy                      
4  NYC Life Lessons in Love Stars
* * * *  
Ever wonder what would happen if those pampered since birth, glorified in the Society Trades and presented as The NYC Dream Girl had the tables turned???
You know, had it all taken away...
Had to live like the rest of us....
Working for those who instruct their "assistants" on the correct way to pick up dog poop..
or drawing a line on the glass to show exactly where the morning smoothie must hit...
Yeah, those types of jobs, the dehumanizing kind...
Well, Chloe Madison is about to find out...

This is the tale of a woman who had been pampered materially, been part of the in social set and on her way to having it all... A career, a marriage with one of the Beautiful People/ Billionaire Trust Fund Man and not a worry in the world... she was celebrating her graduation from University with flying colors only to have a rude awakening....

No, not figuratively...

I am talking a for real rude awakening of the FBI pounding on her door informing her the Co-Op she had been living in was in their possession along with all of her funds due to her father playing fast and loose with insider trading. While G-Men were taking inventory of everything in her home, Chloe began to see the writing on the wall...and it was not pretty.

Her business career was to be put on hold due to the annoying fact the college would not release her diploma until her outstanding 5 figure tuition was paid in full.
This hiccup meant no up and coming position in one of the firms she had planned on pursuing.
This also meant her living for a while on one of her bestie's couch until a job and apartment was secured.

This was not the way Chloe saw her life happening...and most of all, she did not see the man she thought was the love of her life...cheating on her.

With determination, Chloe knew things had to change...and after sucking it up and no work in sight, she landed an interview as the personal assistant to someone who's claim to fame was some B movie and latex birth control. Chloe had joined the group of employees she had taken for granted in her past life... the ones she would see running to Starbucks for others while she sat and enjoyed her Lattes gossiping about the next party she was going to with her friends.

Like all stories... this has so many things to ponder...Chloe goes on a forced journey of self discovery...and because of it, ends up much happier in the long run. We see her first trying to have it all... be the society girl she was on the beer budget... and the eye opening stumbles and falls...
But with these experiences... She grows... she becomes more of herself...more kind and giving. More self assured...and finally more understanding of what real love is...

Like all Alessandra Torre novels... this woman has the pulse on giving us sexy times, some humor and always heart. This was an idea of a young woman discovering herself in NYC...and along the way falling in love with a man that is an A number 1 winner.
A Fun, Flirty and definitely Torre Sexy Read.

A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

About Alessandra Torre

I’m a traditionally published and indie author. With a focus on contemporary erotic romances and erotic suspense I write under the pen name Alessandra Torre (erotic romance) and A.R. Torre (erotic suspense).

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