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Monday, March 28, 2016

Blog Tour/Review ♥ False Start by Julianna Marley ♥


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Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Day: March 22, 2016
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Alivia Monaghan had it all: a successful business, happy children, and her husband Jax Monaghan, the love of her life. Until the day Jax made a choice that altered their lives and crushed Alivia harder than a quarterback sack.

Football hero Jax Monaghan hadn’t had it easy in life. Despite his thriving football career he always destroyed everything beautiful he’s ever had. That was until he met his wife, Alivia, who had taught him what love and family was all about. But when he watches his wife fall apart due to his decisions, he’s reminded just what he is capable of – and he makes what he thinks is the ultimate sacrifice. Walking away.

When Jax returns home in order to be closer to his children, he can’t help but want to be closer with Alivia again as well. But the brutal reality of his choices keep knocking him back to the starting line. As the past threatens them further apart, Jax and Alivia are forced to line up together and play for the same team. Had their entire marriage been a trick play? Or was it simply just a false start into their happily ever after?


Review by April

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Alivia Monaghan had it all until the day her husband, Jax Monaghan packed it up and left them behind.

This story jumps to five years later when Jax returns to fight for his family.

False Start is simply a story about love; it's about fighting for yourself while trying to fight for the ones you love.

There were a few things that I struggled with, but I set aside MY thoughts and let the author tell her story, and in the end, I truly enjoyed my first read by Julianna Marley.

Final honest rating: 3.5 stars

About the Author:

Julianna Marley is fairly certain that she was born on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line. She’s in constant search of warmth, sunshine and water. When not writing about all the places she yearns to be, she can be found enjoying obnoxious amounts of coffee and getting bossed around by a four year-old. Julianna loves romance, humor and football.

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