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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blog Tour ♥ The CEO and the Cowboy & For Ruby's Love by Starla Kaye ♥ #giveaway $25 GC

Starla Kaye's Double Audio Book Tour
The CEO and The Cowboy (M/M Romance Novella)

For Ruby's Love (M/M/F Romance Novella)

BLURB - The CEO and The Cowboy

The whole thing about relationships and feelings confuses

the heck out of Calhoun. He’s a simple cowboy and he’d been planning to marry a
long-time friend for a while. When he finally realizes it doesn’t feel right,
he lets her go. He probably shouldn’t have gone to her wedding to another man,
but she wanted him there. But that’s when he really gets confused. His eye is
drawn to a seriously hot businessman…and that sure does unnerve him…and yet….

Emotionally burned by the last man he thought he’d loved,

Daniel isn’t anxious to replace him. But there is something about the proud,
bedroom-eyed cowboy who shows up at his friend’s wedding. The CEO isn’t even
sure if the cowboy’s gay, although the heat firing between them makes him

What he does know is that he plans to find out.


Title: The
CEO and The Cowboy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing


Published: July 7, 2012


Contemporary, erotic romance, GLBT, gay romance


Rating: 4


Count: 40


by: Chase Johnson
Length: 1 hr and 25 mins        



– For Ruby's Love

Calhoun’s a simple cowboy with more

problems in his life than he can handle at the moment. After nearly two years,
he struggles to hang onto a relationship with Daniel, his first male lover.
Daniel is worried about him because of the fire, his concern for his prized
breeding mare, and because he is determined to buy the neighboring ranch to
expand. But Daniel isn’t a businessman without goals of his own for expansion,
a fact that frustrates Calhoun as well. He doesn’t want to lose Daniel, but
will their differences finally be too much?

Daniel considers himself a lucky man to

have met the rancher, someone almost his opposite and someone who he doesn’t
want to live without. Standing beside the moody Calhoun has been difficult
since the fire that burned down a horse barn, took the lives of two valuable
horses, and traumatized a favored mare. Along with all of that, his harried
friend is determined to expand his ranch holdings. Daniel is against the
purchase and would prefer to find a way to slow the man down. Lately, he’s also
begun worrying if maybe he isn’t enough to satisfy his lover’s needs.

Complicating everything even more, Ruby

shows up later than expected at Calhoun’s ranch to honor a job as a horse
therapist that her father had agreed to before his sudden death. She knows what
happened to the mare and is certain she can help her, if given the chance. But
the stubborn rancher can’t get past the idea of her being a woman, someone not
strong enough to work with such a damaged horse. They butt heads over the
matter until she finds an ally in Daniel. He is concerned and yet believes in
her abilities. Another problem arises, though. She and Calhoun have been
skirting around an unwanted attraction, and then she discovers another
surprising interest between her and Daniel.


Title: For
Ruby’s Love
Publisher: Decadent Publishing


Published: January 20, 2015


Contemporary, erotic romance, GLBT, gay romance,
western, ménage


Rating: 4
Length: 135 pages

The CEO and The Cowboy - BUY
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The CEO and The Cowboy - BUY
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For Ruby's Love - BUY LINKS - Audio

For Ruby's Love - BUY
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Excerpt from The CEO and The Cowboy (PG13 Rating)

“Want a tour?” He desperately wanted to get him up to his bedroom. He

wanted to strip

him out of that Western-cut suit, find out if he was a boxers or

briefs man. He was curious if

those pecs were as muscled as he suspected, if the abs were

six-packed. He longed to….

“Why did you really bring me here?”

Surprised, he stood quietly for several long seconds, debating how to

answer. Then he

decided actions might just be better than words at the moment. If he

had the nerve. Yes!
Yes, you do.

He moved directly in front of him, watched the man’s nostrils flare,

and his eyes widen.

But the cowboy didn’t step back, and he didn’t look ready to send a

fist into his face. Nerves

tangling in his stomach, he put his hands around Cordell’s neck and

leaned closer.

The big man tensed, but still didn’t tell him to back off. He didn’t

say a word, just stood
there looking wary, but determined. Clearly curious. Cautious, too.

Unable to resist any longer, he slanted his mouth over the tempting

lips. Fire seared him.
Need. Desperation.

Cordell stiffened even more, and he was pretty sure his cowboy had never

done this

before. He appeared uncomfortable, and his heart pounded so hard he

could feel it. Yet he
didn’t pull away.

Not wanting to frighten the man off, he gently slid his tongue along

the crease of those

lips until, finally, they opened. He had to have more, but he had to

go slowly.

Surprising him again, he felt Cordell put his arms around his waist,

pushing under his
suit coat, pulling him closer. God, yes!

Heat raged through him, and he felt the warmth of the body pressed

against his. Their

hearts thudded, chest against chest. Then the man

shuddered even as they tangled tongues.

Excerpt from For Ruby's Love (R Rating)

Calhoun couldn’t

have been more shocked to open the door and find Ruby masturbating.

Never in his wildest

dreams would he have imagined such a thing happening in here. But, damn, he
would be dreaming about this for months, maybe longer.

He knew this was a

very private moment. He should stop staring at her, back away, and pull the
door closed. They need not ever mention what he’d discovered. Yet, instead of
being the gentleman and leaving, he stepped into the room and closed the door
behind him.

“That’s such an

incredible turn on.” He felt like an idiot the instant the words left his
mouth. He hadn’t lied, though. His body pulsed with desperation. One hint of
encouragement and he would be on the bed, licking off those sweet cream-coated
fingers, and driving into her himself.

“Ummm,” she

struggled to speak, no doubt embarrassed. Her face flamed as she held still,
looking uncertain about pulling her fingers free. “Well, this is awkward.”

He shrugged and took

a hesitant step closer. “I suppose for you it is.” He inched nearer, his heart
pounding. “I’m pretty much enjoying the view.”

“Really?” She

worried her lower lip and dropped her hips to the mattress, slipping her
fingers from her body.

“Hell yes!” He

concentrated on not running to the bed, pleased she hadn’t demanded he leave.
“I’ve never had the pleasure of watching a woman do that.”

She gave him a shy

smile. “I don’t do this very often. I just…. I just got so frustrated. I
couldn’t sleep. I….”

He sucked in a

breath and hazarded walking another few feet in her direction. “Are you still
feeling…frustrated?” God, he hoped so. He could take care of her problem, and


Starla has been writing and publishing in

different romance sub-genres and lengths for twenty years. Her first published
book, Tug of Love, was a “sweet” romance published with iUniverse. Currently
she mainly writes edgier romances with an erotic or slightly naughty focus.

She enjoys writing about strong-willed,

independent women who butt heads with equally determined, self-confident, and
slightly domineering men. Her belief in relation to her heroes is to find them
their perfect match, but make him really work for the happily-for-now or
happily-ever-after with the woman who wins his heart. Of course, she likes her
heroines to be challenged as well. Love isn't easy.

To date she has published 20 novels, 38

novellas, 8 anthologies, and 18 short stories. Starla writes for Decadent
Publishing, Black Velvet Seductions, and Blushing Books.


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