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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Release Blitz ♥ An Unexpected Love by J. Haney ♥

An Unexpected Love  
by J. Haney
Release Blitz
Adult Contemporary Romance
with Suspense


years ago tragedy struck Kyler, leaving her pregnant and alone.
She did
what she had to do to survive.
that's all she was doing. That is until he crashed into her life.

Hudson was always destined to be the playboy and never settle down.
into the studio that day, he wasn't expecting to find her.

decided she had another plan for them.

When they both least expected it, a bond between them was formed.
The bond that may end up saving their lives.


minutes later we hear a knock at the door Mrs. Ryan yells up that she will get
it. I figured it’s just our Chinese being delivered. I'm setting the plastic on
the floor so we can start painting after we eat. Just as I finished setting
everything up I hear Mrs. Ryan screams out. I ran to my bedroom to grab my
phone and the gun they made me keep beside my bed. I hid myself in the closet
as I called Mr. Ryan, on the second ring I heard him answer.

"Hey, how are my girls doing?"  He sounded happy

"Someone's here, I'm in the closet with my gun like you told
me to do. I heard a scream! What do I do?"
I rambled nervously.

"Calm down Kyler... I am calling the Police in Arco. I know
your father taught you to shoot. So you go downstairs and if you think you need
to shoot, then intruder then that is what you do."
  He sounds a bit nervous.

"Okay, I got it." I say
then hang up the phone.

down the stairs, I see a man is holding Mrs. Ryan against the wall. Mrs. Ryan
makes eye contact with and I hold up one finger to see how many people are in
She screams and I just nod at her. The
intruder slams her head against the wall again. I tiptoe into the rest of the
way down and sneak up behind them. I place my gun to the back of his head.

The guns loaded and the
cops are on their way. Now let Mrs. Ryan go or I will shoot you before they get
I say as calmly as possible. 

don’t think you will actually shoot me.”
He sounds extremely pissed off. 

“I am going to give you to the count of
three then I will shoot this gun!”
I wait a moment to see if he will let
her go. Damn it, he is going to call my bluff! 
“One… Two… Thr”. He let go of Mrs. Ryan before I got three out. “Now turn around.” 

The man slowly turns
to look at me and tries to take the gun out of my hand. While fighting for the
gun I can feel a pain starting in my stomach, oh no it’s too soon. Damn it Ky
you know better than this. With one hand on the gun I knee the man in the nuts
and steal the gun back away from him. I back away quickly and when the man
starts to come at us I pull the trigger.

Author Bio

I was born and raised in Kentucky. I reside in Greenup County,
Kentucky with my family. Her debut novel, An Unexpected Love, is set to release
May/June 2015. I’m a single momma to my seven year old daughter, Jessalyn

I run Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics along with my sisters from other
misters! I’m the co-owner of an online boutique, Proud Momma Designs, which I
run with my amazing mother. I also own Sweet and Sassy Models! I love
photography and seeing all the little models and their smiling faces! I just
started plus size modeling and have been 5 or 6 pattern covers now. Which I’m
beyond excited about…

Fun Facts
1. My
daughter Jessalyn is my most favorite person in the world!
2. I'm
probably the biggest book whore there is!
3. I
love music of any kind, but better yet, I love singing!
4. I
hate cold/wet weather!
5. I
wear at least 4 different colors at once!
6. I
have the most awesome group of friends a gal can have. Tracy, Sandie, Sara,
Jamie, Lisa, Chris, Patricia and Annelle! Love you Ladies!!
7. I
would love to one day meet Alice Clayton, Christina Lauren, A.M. Willard, Jamie
McGuire, and so many others.
8. I’m
completely addicted to Tattoos and Piercings!
9. I’m
very random, and will say crazy stuff out of nowhere.
10. I
can tell you every word from beginning to ending of Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
and One Night Series by A.M. Willard.

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