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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Release Blitz ♥ Hot Seals by Cat Johnson ♥ #giveaway

Cat Johnson and her Hot SEALs are crashing the shores of Amazon Kindle Worlds on August 4th with a little help from her friends!

Check out Cat Johnson’s entire Hot SEALs Series here, or click the photo for an individual title.
Night With A SEAL
Saved By a SEAL
SEALed at Midnight
Kissed by a SEAL
Protected by a SEAL
Loved by a SEAL

Writing FRESH Kindle Worlds crossover novellas which will include both characters from their own series and Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs series to help launch Cat's #HotSEALsKW on 8/4 are guest authors:

Reclaiming The SEAL (A Lost and Found/ Hot SEALs Crossover)
US Navy SEAL Gabriel Carter knew Julie would be there for him when he needed her, but not that she’d still affect him as if she’d only walked out yesterday. As inconsistencies come to light in his best friend’s death, and the progression of his own career is put in danger, she stands by him, just like she promised she would.

Julie Ritter has wanted to return to Little Creek for months, but definitely not to attend the funeral of a fallen SEAL and her former friend. No, she’d wanted to return to rekindle the affair with Gabe. Now she has to support him through the loss of his best friend. But maybe they’ll be able to clear up what happened eighteen months ago and reclaim the love they’ve lost.

SEALed Fate (A Deep Six Security/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Former Navy SEAL Jaxson Thomas feels like he's living his life under a full moon.  First he takes a fall for his former SEAL team to save them embarrassment, then for Deep Six Security to save their contract.  He hopes his last bad day is yesterday when he goes to work for GAPS, a new company formed by his former SEAL teammates.  But his first assignment is to protect the one woman he wouldn't mind seeing dead, the woman directly responsible for his exit from the teams, Fallon Sharpe, who is now a federal judge and is running from East Coast mobsters who want her dead.  Can Jax keep her safe until the FBI takes them down? Or will he kill her himself before the thugs have a chance to like he’s dreamed of doing for five years?

Protecting Julie
Julie Lytle is working hard to turn her life around. Being kidnapped by sex traffickers changed her drastically, but having grown up the spoiled daughter of a senator, Julie wishes she could've changed just a little sooner. Shamed by her behavior toward the woman rescued alongside her, and further embarrassed and guilt-racked over the way she treated the SEALs who risked their lives on her behalf, Julie is desperate to make amends.
With help from Missy Greenwood, a D.C. acquaintance who’d endured her own harrowing experience, Julie connects with Patrick Hurt, Commander of the SEALs who’d saved her life. If she can prove she’s not the same person who mistreated his team, he’ll grant her request to meet them—but not before the protective, sexy man makes a surprising request of his own.

Discarded Heart

Caleb Faulkner’s career is in ruins and now he’s back in his hometown town to lick his wounds and start again.  When he and ex-girlfriend Michaela run into each other it’s agonizingly awkward and more emotional than he expected. The less they see of each other the better.  

Unfortunately, their hearts have other plans.  

Her Special Alpha (X-OPS/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Former Army Special Forces soldier Travis Dalton finds himself thrust into the mysterious world of the Department of Covert Operations, one where sometimes bad guys do more than shoot you—sometimes they tear you to shreds. Feline shifter and covert agent Eden Bristow can’t help noticing how good Travis is at guarding her back—and turning her on. She hasn’t had much luck with guys, not once they get a look at her fangs and claws. Travis doesn’t seem to have a problem with her being a shifter, and Eden is ready to make up for lost time. But one little thing is getting in the way of their romance—a gang of bad guys, and the vicious wolf shifter leading them.

Out of Luck
Falcon Agent Dan McCray has agreed to do a favor for his former Navy SEAL buddy Rick Mann. He’s to scare a stalker away and ensure the victim can return to her normal life. Dan doesn’t realize the gravity of his new assignment until an attempt is made on their lives.

Michelle Slater’s ex-boss has it in his head that she belongs to him and him alone. Her sense of security is shattered by his violence, terrified, she realizes she needs more than a piece of paper to protect her. The game changes when Dan and Michelle learn that the man determined to dominate her is more than just a stalker, he is a serial killer.

With danger all around them, can two people fall in love during the darkest of times? When all seems lost, will Dan be able to save the woman who has captured his heart?

Guard Dog
The last thing ex-SEAL Mason Steele wants in his first job with GAPS—the Guardian Angel Protective Services—is to babysit a spoiled heiress who is obsessed with the color of her nail polish and carries a Chihuahua in her purse. But there’s more to Pansy Hightower than can be seen at first glance. She’s smart, sassy and determined to save the business her late mother built. And she resents having a guard dog. But when it becomes clear that someone is targeting her—perhaps for the same kind of fatal “accident” that befell her mother—she decides having the 240 pound SEAL with killer instincts and lethal hands at her back might be a good idea after all.

Wet Heat
It was supposed to be a month in a cottage by the lake in Maine. For Peyton Gerard it was time to recover from not one but three disastrous breakups and try to find her muse again. A successful romance novelist needed to believe in romance to write about it believably, and Peyton had lost her faith in it.

For Dixon “Dix” Amendola it was supposed to be time to rehab his injured thigh from a SEALs mission that fell apart, to mourn the two team members who were killed and to deal with his guilt. Learning the mission had been compromised did nothing to ease the burden of blame he carried.

The problem: the cottage had been rented to both of them by accident.

Put two stubborn people in close quarters—a hot SEAL and a an appealing author, add in moonlit nights by the lake and suddenly they don’t mind sharing. But then reality intruded, Dix returned to lead a repeat of the mission and all Peyton could do was pray it was successful and that when he returned, he’d come back to her.

A Mission For Love
Schultz and Julia’s affair is a burning flame of temptation. Their relationship is finally headed toward a future both of them desire until a mistake from her past returns to haunt them both.

When the fragile bond of trust is broken between them, it will take more than a promise of redemption for the two of them to find their way back to one another.

Rimshot's Hard Target
Navy SEAL sniper Kevin “Rimshot” Stanton has had one thing on his mind for months: Find his sister. So he takes a chance on the PI he’s lusted after since a friend’s wedding. Jaime Hensen isn’t the kind of woman to settle down, but the night she spends with Rimshot makes her want more. Too bad he’s a glacier outside the bedroom. Rimshot has one shot to get love right, and he’s not about to miss.

Knight's SEAL (A Dangerous Curves/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Navy SEAL Sam ‘Excel’ Gentry barely has time to consider his buddy’s job offer to join Guardian Angel Protection Service when a commander from their past, with his own D.C. based agency, asks for help. Owing his life to his former commander, Sam is eager to help retrieve a mutual friend from a dangerous cartel, until he learns the operative assisting him is Knight’s oldest daughter, Lisa—Sam’s former lover. Lisa is shocked to discover her partner is the man who’d walked away from her several years ago when he’d realized who her father was, and she’d let him, not wanting to see the sexy man shot, or worse, assigned to Antarctica…permanently.

Completing their current mission isn’t the issue, the danger lies in their inability to fight their resurrected attraction and keeping that failure from her father.

SEAL's Ultimate Challenge (Take No Prisoners/Hot SEALs Crossover)
Injured on a mission gone wrong, Cory “Reaper” Nipton’s Navy SEAL career is over. With only one arm, he can’t join his fellow teammates, or even his fiancé, the Special Ops helicopter pilot who flew him in and out of harm’s way. Relegated to life as a civilian, and angry at his lack of choices, Reaper goes through rehab with a petite, soft-spoken physical therapist with two iron fists. He’s forced to face an uncertain future and learn how to live without the use of his right arm.

Ex-cop, Leigha Fields, lost her career due to a gunshot wound that destroyed her knee. Retrained and refitted with different skills, she has reimagined her world, dedicating her life to helping wounded warriors find their way. Until someone from her past seeks revenge. Leigha and Reaper join forces to untangle the mystery and free her from the web of crosshairs aimed squarely at her. In their struggle to find and neutralize the culprit, they realize their own capabilities and how they will fit in their future together.

Through Her Eyes

SEALed Rescue


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