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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Release Blitz ♥ Devil's Deception by Destiny Blaine ♥

Once you arrive in Devil’s Valley, you ain’t ever gonna leave.

Title:  Devil's Deception
Author:  Destiny Blaine
Series:  Devil's Valley, book 1
Genre:  Paranormal Historical Romance
Cover Designer:  3 Rusted Spoons
Release Date:  August 6, 2015

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Liza Cartwright’s journey leads her to Devil’s Valley and she’s not sure why. Greeted by a witch while trying to rent a room, Eliza is greatly disturbed by what she learns. According to a legend, those who arrive in Devil’s Valley, never leave. Unwilling to accept some crazy myth, Liza goes to Gideon’s Hall looking for the vampire who can change her fate.

Soon after arriving at a vampire’s mansion, Liza is inexplicably drawn to Gideon and Jake Devil, but she’s horrified to learn all the ways they’re connected. Inevitably doomed to a love she can’t escape, Liza gives up her dreams for two sexy vampires and a family full of blood drinkers. And she makes it her mission to find out about the witches and their damning curses by vowing to do whatever necessary to break them.

“Mr. Devil, it might interest you to know that I’m a lady.” She hadn’t behaved like one but that was beside the point.
“It doesn’t interest me at all, Miss Cartwright.” He sat on the settee opposite his bed. “Remove your clothes.”
“Remove my…”
He held up his hand, hoping to silence her. Properly duped, Liza stared at him dumbfounded and her silence did little to calm the angst stirring inside him. He was growing impatient and fully aware of the reasons.
Liza’s modesty might have been an admirable quality in some parts of the world but not in the Wild, Wild West and certainly not in the Devil brothers’ home. Unbuttoning his shirt, he let the garment hang free and leaned back, watching her carefully as he released her mind and allowed her to think freely once more.
She immediately gasped and looked the other way. “Mr. Devil! If you would please refrain from showing yourself!”

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in a number of genres. A career writer for over a decade, Destiny enjoys writing paranormal series and looks at world-building as a rewarding challenge. Married for over 25 years, Destiny and her husband have two children and a precious granddoll. They live in East Tennessee. 

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