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Friday, July 31, 2015

Cover Reveal ♥ Never Shattered by Julie Bailes ♥

Title: Never Shattered (Shaken Series Book 3)
Author: Julie Bailes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Fall 2015


It’s what everyone wants, yet few of us will ever experience. True love, intense and passionate love, wreaks havoc on our bodies; our hearts turn violently inside of our chests, our stomachs knot, and our brains are delirious. I know love and the excruciating side effects that come with it.

Love, though beautiful, is a silent suicide.

Some say, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours, and if not, they never were.” But, I say, those people are absolutely ignorant.  Out of love, I let her go, but I’d never set her free. Because of me, she’s living a lie—a life with a man she doesn’t belong to. And I want her back.

I am hers and she is mine, and our love has never shattered.

Julie resides in a small town just outside of Nashville,
TN. Living with her husband, twin boys, and prissy princess; she's always on
the move. She enjoys any and all things chocolate. She has an addiction to
caffeine and consumes unhealthy amounts of coffee. When she's not at home
chasing after her rambunctious kiddo's, you will find her cuddled into the side
of her loves arms, watching a movie, reading a book, typing up the craziness
that consumes her mind, or in class. Her motto is to live like it's your last
day on Earth, laugh until your stomach aches, and love until you heart stops
beating. Also, never judge another, you don't know their struggles.


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