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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blog Tour ♥ Screw Up by Alexis Wilder ♥

Title: Screw Up 
Author: Alexis Wilder 
Genre: Erotica

A desperate writer must learn to embrace her inner bombshell when she lands a covert job as the world's first celebrity sex reporter. 
Cassie has hit hard times. She can't find a job, her mother is prison bound, and her love life jumped a plane and fled to another continent. What’s an ardent fangirl to do? When a handsome new acquaintance offers her a lucrative position writing for his online celebustalk publication, TenFootPole, Cassie jumps at the chance to make some real money doing what she loves. The only catch is the subject matter. She’s assigned the gossip rag’s new beat, the sex desk, and must score with big names and tell all. In graphic detail. Publishing under the Tinseltown Temptress pseudonym is supposed to shield her, but she soon realizes that no amount of anonymity would be enough to protect her from the repercussions of her notorious stories. As her personal life circles the drain, Cassie grasps for handholds in all the wrong laps and struggles to keep her head above the shark infested water. When her investment in a friend’s all male revue is put in jeopardy, she must rally her seductive forces or sink forever under the waves.

A fan of steamy romances, Alexis Wilder's love for the erotic has caused her to accidentally crease the bindings of many a handy paperback. Her particular interest in celebrity smut inspired the idea of a sneaky, horny, struggling, celebrity sex reporter, the Tinseltown Temptress. Soon, the behind the scenes story of Cassie's successes, failures, pain and joy became Screw Up, the first erotic novel in the series. Two more books are planned for 2016.
Alexis has a Film degree that she has used to write several unsold screenplays and to find various employment, like a starving maze rat, in the cutthroat world of video production. She has also held many service industry jobs and holds all such demanding work in extremely high regard. (Tip your waitress, people!) A natural homebody, she lives with her family in Southeast Michigan, loves to cuddle while watching tv and swims whenever she gets the chance. She really likes chocolate, beer, growing tomatoes, and complaining about Michigan's weather. An active fangirl, she restricts her stanning to her various aliases and does not chase down celebrity men for sex in real life. Seriously.

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