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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blog Tour ♥ Defiled & Defiled Forever by AM Rivera ♥

 Defiled & Defiled Forever Box Set
by A.M. Rivera
Blog Tour


College student Lauren is taken and held by a ruthless enforcer of a Russian organized crime family. An unexpected and explosive attraction takes hold of both captive and captor. Inhabitants of two totally different worlds, and knowing that their intensely erotic relationship can't possibly go anywhere, neither are willing to stop it. An emotional, sexy. heartfelt, story of a new and different kind of love.

* Warning this is a dark romance intended for adults. This book features violent scenes and a lot of explicit sex* 

Defiled Forever

The conclusion to Nikolai and Lauren's story. When they both thought their explosive erotic love story was finished, it was only the beginning. What could possibly be the death of them both was worth the risk. 

* This book contains violent sex scenes, drug use, submission, rape, foul language and drinking. It is intended for readers over 18*


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About the Author

I am a Miami based author with an uncontrollable
sweet tooth. I have had a lifelong love of reading romance novels that began in
my early teens with the Jane Austen Classics. I love the way the genre has
evolved with Erotica. My characters and stories are hot but also there is still
love and romance. I am always writing and will be adding more books on a
regular basis. 

Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you!

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