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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blog Tour ♥ Beautiful Chase by MJ Nightingale ♥

Beautiful Chase (Book 2)
Bounty Hunter Series:The Marino Bros.
MJ Nightingale




Bella Chase led a simple life. She was a good girl who worked hard at a job she loved, had good friends, and enjoyed her life. She just fell for the wrong
guy. A bad boy with a bad reputation. When he maliciously involves her in a crime that goes awry, and someone is killed, it is her life on the line. She
has no choice, but to flee. She not only faces life in prison, she faces a death sentence if she talks.
Blaze Marino is done with women. They can’t be trusted. Period. Not even the good girls. When his next case lures him to the hills of Tennessee, hunting
down another “good girl”, Blaze is torn between taking down this natural beauty, and losing himself inside of her. He, who has vowed to never love, or need
again, is drawn to Bella and he just can’t help himself.
Terrified, Bella doesn’t know which way to turn. She doesn’t know who to trust.
Jaded, Blaze can’t fight the pull of attraction. He doesn’t know if he can trust her.
He has to chase her for his job. Or so he keeps trying to tell himself that.
Beautiful Chase is the second book in The Bounty Hunters - The Marino Bros.
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?


“Bella, don't remember me dead in a box. You can say goodbye now. Then I can die happy. I want you to change your name somehow. Get married, have babies of
your own. You don't deserve jail. You didn’t do this. I know that. If what the papers say is true, these Romans are bad news. They have connections in
jail. You can't testify against Anthony, and in jail you’ll be silenced."

"Momma, how do you know all this?" she asked.

"Nurses talk. I hear the television when I am sleeping or when people think I am sleeping." She tried to keep most of the gory details from her daughter.

"But, Momma, I can't leave you," she cried. Her heart was breaking.

"Bella, it is I who am leaving. You must go on. I gave you life, my precious, and there is nothing more I want than for you to live. Take my jewels. All of
them. I have been squirreling away funds out of my bank account since you were arrested. I had saved quite a bit for your wedding. There is twenty five
thousand in my safe under the bed. I wish it were more."

"Momma," she cried.

“Hush, let me finish. I want you to walk out of this apartment while I am alive."

Her mother paused and gasped for breath. Again a look of pain crossed her face but she fought against it. Bella tightened her grip on her mother's hand.
Her mom tightened her hold as well.

"Bella, the jewels, keep a few, but sell what you have to. Go to North Carolina. Aunt May and Uncle Normand, your great aunt and uncle had a cabin there.
The address is in the box along with the deed. I have not been there since I was a child and they died shortly after. You can hide there for a while. It's
in a town called Cherokee that borders Tennessee. Your Aunt Jocelyne inherited it but never did anything with it except pay the taxes. She paid ten years
at a time. But since Aunt Jocelyne’s passing, it's mine technically. I never got around to changing the deed. It's far enough away from Memphis, you can
hide and no one will recognize you. I don’t think it can be traced to you or me. Plus, we have been gone a long time now. I haven't been to Cherokee since
I was a nine or ten, and you have only been in the area a few times while we were driving through the Smokies. But the people are nice. Our kind of people.
You'll find kindness there. Someone will help. When you feel secure, you can leave North Carolina and Tennessee, start over somewhere else if you want. I
don't know, Bella. But Bella, promise me you'll go. You’ll try.” The desperation she heard in her mother’s voice was her undoing. The tears came unbidden
down her cheeks. Her mom had been planning her escape for her.

“Momma,” she cried. She didn't want to leave her. She was all she had left of her family. She wanted to bury her and say her goodbyes.

“Bella, promise me,” her mother begged. And then she saw the tears in her mother’s eyes. “It is what I want Bella."

Choking down the sob that threatened to her engulf her, Bella did the only thing she could think of to prevent her mom from begging. She nodded. She
agreed. "Okay, Momma. I'll go. For you.”

The smile her mom gave her was like a ray of sunshine breaking through the storm. “Bella, I love you. I want you to live."

“I love you to Momma. Always."

"Always, Bella. Never forget. I'll be watching. Always know your momma loves you. Trust your heart, Bella. Now, kiss me quick. Give me the morphine so I
can have a good rest, get the safe from underneath by bed, and go pack.”

Bella uncapped the liquid concentrate and placed the prescribed number of drops under her mother’s tongue, knowing it would keep her free of pain but would
not hasten her death. She leaned over to press a kiss to her mom’s paper thin cheek.

Her mom grabbed her by the face and kissed her. Then hugged her. But it wasn't a long hug. Not one Bella felt satisfied with. Her mother was pushing her
back. "Go Bella. Go," she urged.

Bella retrieved the safe and left the room reluctantly. Running was something she had never thought of doing, ever. Her only thoughts were of being with
her mom for as long as she could. She had to stay, at least until her mother passed, but the thought of leaving her mother without a proper burial tore at
her heart. As much as she hated to admit it, if she waited, the police would be picking her up straight from the cemetery, if not sooner, and take her to
jail. She had received word five days ago from the judge. The guard had died, and her bail would be revoked upon her mother’s passing.

Bella packed her clothes and then looked through the contents of the safe. It was all there, everything her mother had told her about. She wanted to honor
her mother’s wishes but she couldn’t let her die alone…what kind of daughter did that. She had time; the nurse wouldn’t return for several days unless she
called her. And out of respect for her mother, after she died, Bella would call, but not until she was miles away.

A little over an hour had passed when Bella peeked into her Mom’s room, quietly checking on her. Her mom was pressed back against the pillows a smile on
her face. Her eyes were closed, and she was still. There was no wheezing, no coughing. And there was no pain. Her mom was gone.

She was at peace. And Bella, took one last look, blew her mom a kiss, and walked out the door. She had promises to keep and miles to go before she could


MJ Nightingale has been a teacher for over two decades. Writing is her new career, and something she has wanted to do for a very long time. But reading has
been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of romance novels, and they have always held a special place in her heart. When
not working, or writing, or spending time with her children, she devours books all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense,
contemporary, and drama.
She has published seven novels, all contemporary erotic romance with elements of action and suspense. She currently lives in Florida with her wonderful
husband, and sons. And, she loves to hear from her readers.
Follow her on Amazon to get all the latest on her upcoming new series; Mystic Nights. Five new romantic suspense books that follow Tawny Sassacus and her
children who help her to run Mystic Casino Nights.
You can contact her on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, or visit her website.




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