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Monday, January 19, 2015

Release Blitz ♥ Strictly Temporary by Ella Fox ♥ #giveaway $25 GC

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Congrats & Happy Release to Ella Fox!  
Strictly Temporary is LIVE!  
ONLY $0.99

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Just a Small Towne girl…

Raised on fairytales and dreams of true love, Arden Winger left for college with a smile on her face and a happy, hopeful heart. Fast-forward seven years and that small town is behind her, but not the baggage she’s been carrying since she left.

Just a city boy…

It’s not that Exton Alexander had anything against relationships—he just never had the desire to try. Not necessarily jaded, Exton considered himself a realist. Little did he know, the one woman that would change everything was about to rock his world. This Alpha male knows the second he lays eyes on her that Arden is special-- now he just has to work past her defenses.

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Excerpt: Meet Arden & Exton

The bartenders in the VIP section are incredibly attentive and within sixty seconds of placing my order I’ve got a chocolate martini in my hand courtesy of a girl who looks like she should be a runway model as opposed to a bartender.  Color me skeptical that the drink is going to be even halfway decent.  Taking a sip, I let out a low moan of pure pleasure as the perfect flavor spreads across my tongue and I mentally scold myself for judging a book by its cover.  She isn’t just a bartender—she’s a mixologist.
I hear a groan at the same moment that I feel someone standing right at my back.  It sends a shiver through me as I lower my drink.
“I’ve never wanted a chocolate drink before,” a deep and incredibly sexy voice growls against my ear, “but listening to that moan made me want ninety of them.”
I have no explanation for why my nipples immediately become so hard that they could chip diamonds, nor do I know why I’ve got goose bumps.  I’m reasonably sure that the reason my panties are damp is because whoever he is, he smells like liquid sex.  Straightening my back and mentally erecting my barriers, I turn to tell the man with the fuck me voice to take a hike.
As soon as I’m turned to him, I realize my error.  He was too close to begin with and now, I’m right against him, looking at a pair of sexy as sin lips.  Suddenly my own feel desert dry and I lick them as I continue staring at his mouth and jaw line.  Sweet holy hell—this man’s DNA could be bottled and sold for millions.  I’m not even seeing all of his face and already I know that’s he’s beautiful.
A jostling from behind pushes him forward forcing us up against each other—enough so that I can feel that he’s semi hard.  My breath leaves me in a whoosh, as my panties get even wetter, and my inner voice is now screaming at me to run—far and fast.  Taking a deep breath I raise my free hand and set it on his chest, pushing him back from me.  “Don’t touch me,” I snap.
Lifting his hands to his side so that I can see them he says, “Don’t be angry, Beautiful.  I didn’t mean to close in on you like that. I just wanted to meet you.”
I am liquid just from listening to the husky tone of his voice, and it both annoys and terrifies me.  Lifting my eyes up to check out the rest of his features, I shiver as I get a good look at the man before me.  He’s well over six feet tall with jet-black hair and cognac colored eyes that are sending a very sexual message.  Licking my lips, I try to think of something to say, then stop dead when my brain finally engages and I realize that I’m staring at Exton freaking Alexander.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I am face to face with one of the biggest playboys in Hollywood, Exton Alexander.

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Author Information

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Ella Fox  writes like a woman possessed whenever she gets the chance!  She is the author of The Hart Family Series, The Renegade Saints Series and The Catch Series.

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country.  Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh.  Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.
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