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Monday, October 13, 2014

Her Master's Teacher By Lily White

A Review By Wendy
4.5 Master, Pet, WTF Stars 
* * * * 1/2

I read Her Master's Courtesan in February of this year. I clearly declared I was not a dark reader but was compelled to read it due to all of my pals singing the praises of the book and author, Lily White. The read was strong, well written and captivating.

Well, I still do not gravitate to dark, sex slave, Stockholm Syndrome stories but when I found out this second part in this twisted series was out... I pulled up my big girl panties and dove in. This did not have the same sense of shock for me; once you have learned of this society and experienced the first book, it would be very hard to top. This took a different approach and it still held my interest and attention.

It is important to note, you must read the first book to understand and receive all the essence of this. We are dealing with the original characters from the first book plus the focus of a new Master in training, Holland.

Holland is young, in college and in training with the infamous Master Aiden. He has been with him for about 3 years and is almost done... ready to be considered a Master. As he sits in his Psychology class only interested in the way the body of his beautiful professor moves across the floor... his ears pick up with the new assignment she tells the class is going to do... research of the Stockholm Syndrome and its' use in abductions and captive sex slaves. She spouts some of her theories of how the victims may not have had the right mental tools to fight it, etc. 
Holland is amused... he throws some odd questions to his professor, Claire... causing her to be on guard... hyper aware of him... 

Claire, focused on her career and life, has had no time for relationships or anything, really. Holland, a student, is off limits... but she can still look knowing not to touch. 

Holland is told by Aiden a request has come in for a beautiful Redhead with womanly figure. Holland takes a beat and then suggests his teacher... Aiden...questions him... but allows it to pass... They scheme; find out all about Claire and pick their time to take her.... and then do.

Lily While takes the psychology, Stockholm Syndrome arguments and research to weave this tale. She took the obvious, planted it out there and then used it against the reader keeping them on edge. She worked her magic as an illusionist does with her tricks.... causing readers to look over here while making the foundation for other actions over there.... this is a tricky process and for the majority of the book I felt she was on course. 

She also did a lovely turn on causing us to wonder about Holland. We were directed all over the place so she accomplished her goals. As to Claire, she was primarily strong and fought the process trying to maintain who she was. 

We were left with curiosity about another Master.... which means, I will continue to dip my toe in the dark supplied by Lily White.

I would be remiss in not stating this is a book which has a serious warning. It is well deserved and should be heeded. If you are not open to rough sexual actions; violence; capture etc., then this is so not for you and do not pick this series. However, if you are open to experience a psychological, sexual, captive read... then this series is the way to go.

Complimentary Copy provided by Author/Publisher in exchange for an honest review

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