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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Release Blitz - The Next Contestant by Dani Evans (#giveaway $25 GC)

Title: The Next Contestant
Author: Dani Evans
 Release Date: September 23, 2014


It’s a contest only Jax and his fraternity brothers are playing. Whoever scores the most points wins the game.

a feisty young woman enjoying life. No plans for finding Mr. Right. Not
when Mr. All Wrong left her in a world of deceit and crushed her

Jax is the epitome of men. His striking good looks turn heads. Lots of them. He walks past Kimber in a cloud of sex and arrogance, and he’s slowly dragging her in to his perimeters.

This wasn’t a part of Kimber’s strategy—she hadn’t planned on him and struggles to pull back, away from his striking distance, the kiss of death.

It’s a game of command and docility.
He’s gaining control.
She’s falling prey.

stakes are high and Jax is at the top, will he let it all go for
Kimber? Because choosing Kimber will end his game and he’ll certainly
fail if he drops out now. And if he backs out, will Kimber still want
him when she learns the dirty little fraternity secret?

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Kimber’s thrown a towel on the ground and she’s lying there, naked. Eyes closed, cheeks flush, wet strands of hair sprawled out to the sides… but that’s not what’s holding me here.

I unbutton my jeans and release my full on erection, pre cum and all. Slowly stroking myself, I watch her squirt clear liquid—probably KY—down her slit. Her raised knees are bent and she spreads them wide, her naked self, right there for my eyes to take in. I smother my gasp. She’s all sexy and smooth, not a lick of hair on her pussy. I can only imagine how she tastes. I want to lick her, finger her, and then fuck her. She begins rubbing her clit softly, slowly… then picking up the pace. She grunts a little and then moans. I grind my hips, thrusting and pumping my cock harder wishing I were inside of her.

Kimber raises her hips, her middle finger sliding down her folds and she dips it inside. I lose it and cum on the spot. Fuck. I need to get out of here. 


Author Bio

Dani Evan studies Romance-ology
where she travels abroad many fictitious places and lives in the hearts of
countless heroines and heroes. She experiences the greatest love stories,
heartbreaks, high levels of angst, and scorching seductions. All adventures
have been, thus far, rather… orgasmic! She hopes her characters will bring the
same joy to the romance community as so many Indie and traditionally published
authors have given her.

Reading enlightens
all of our worlds and is the greatest escape from the daily stresses of life.

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