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Monday, September 29, 2014

Making Over the Billionaire by Joan Kilby

A Review By Wendy
3  Business Days, Roman Unmentionable Nights Stars
 * * *
With the pull of Italian Couture, a commanding, strong playboy turned CEO and a liberated redhead determined to become part of his company... I was ready to dive into Making Over the Billionaire by Joan Kilby.

We have our gal who has pooled all of her savings for a "Hail Mary" attempt to become part of the renowned  House of Borhlenghi. She has the skills and product they would love if she can just get an opening. She has thought of every angle... rented the villa next to the brother's. She has emailed 5 times a day to Tina, the sister in charge of the fashion division and has her agent out there pitching away...attempting to get her front and center. 

However, even if Layla can do everything right; present, impress and have Tina fall in love with the perfection of her hand stitching... there is one hurdle which is insurmountable... only Italians are allowed to work for the House... decreed by Giorgio, the CEO brother. He is determined to run the company the way his father and older brother would have wanted him to... 

What we have are two very strong, quick witted people who have sparks and interest outside of the business needs. Both have their own agenda... both are determined to hold to their goals and both are destined to butt heads over these goals. Oh... and it doesn't hurt that they are both physically fit and attracted to each other.

The set up is how Giorgio and Layla try to manipulate and outsmart each other. Both  figure out how to have their sexual cake and eat it too- without losing site of their goals... her... to be hired by Tina; have her sexy lingerie and swimsuits be apart of the House. His to make sure his sisters toe the company line; allow him to hold to the Italian only rule and keep a tight hold on the vision for the family.

There is more to the story.... Giorgio was not the intended son to be the head of the family and run the business; that was his older brother position and he was the free one, living without all the responsibilities. All that changed in an instant... and his guilt and pain have pushed him to take the business to the success it is today. He is the head of the family and as that.... he must look out for his sisters and protect them. 

Layla has her own story. She has risen to the level of her craft through hard work and determination. She broke away from a relationship where she was told how to be and what to do. She will never be controlled again. Her goal now is to make all of this happen and along the way... she has fallen for this family of Italians and wishes the family were her own.

This story had many parts to it. The best was when our main characters bantered... she was quick and would push back. He would tease....lead her to a point of panting and then walk away. Sexually they were good. 

There were some things which did cause me to pause, though. Our gal doesn't hide her agenda but does hide her conspiring  with Tina behind Giorgio's back. Once things became more intense between them, I felt uncomfortable with all the withholding. There was also a very  easy fix for her to work with the company... but then there would be no story :D

Over all it was fashion, sexy banner and times with the beautiful Italian country as the backdrop, what's not to enjoy.... I also think there are going to be more stories... after all 3 sisters...let the romancing begin.

A gifted copy was provided by Entangled Brazen Publishing for an honest review.

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