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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cowboy Crazy (The Dalton Boys, #1) By Em Petrova

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Lost Gal, Found Cowboy Stars 
* * * 1/2

Are you looking for a little diversion... a little somethin', somthin' for an afternoon or early evening to enjoy.... Well, let me tell you about a place in Texas called Paradise Valley and the 5 strappin' fellas who are in need to get married...

It seems their parents have decided the boys need to find their women folk and settle down...and the best way to encourage it is to stipulate they need to marry to their share of the ranch... . How they are to find these women... and ones which will be ok living out in the middle of nowhere on a ranch...well... that is not the parents' problem... the boys just need to make it happen. 

While this hard fact is being told to the Dalton sons, Charlotte is starting her new life. She is driving from Arizona with just a suitcase and a few bucks, looking for a small town to discover herself. She just survived an intended death sentence from an ex boyfriend. He drugged her and left her to burn in the fire he started in her apartment. She was saved by neighbors and undergone skin grafting leaving her scarred on the hip and in her mind.

She is driving out in this valley when deer or some type of wild life come out of no where and she brakes the car so as not to hurt them. Mission accomplished, no deer were injured... just her old car... it won't all. She remembers some house about 10 minutes away, she has no cell service and the sun is setting... she settles in to spend the night in her car...

As luck would have it, one of the brothers, Hank drives by and sees her stranded. He stops and while checking out the car, he checks her out, too.
Hank is the real deal. He was raised old school; manners, respect for women and others were drilled into him by his mama. He tips his hat and treats Charlotte like she is special and a lady. He sees the car is needing an overhaul. He offers to take her to the ranch and help her with the car the next day. Charlotte feels comfortable enough to go with him.

As they are in the truck... both are evaluating each other. She sees the handsome, chiseled cowboy next to her... so different from what she is used to... so real and authentic. He sees a perky, pretty gal... with bright eyes and perfect curves for her frame and topped off with pretty pink toenails which catch his eye.

Hank feels a need to protect this gal... he is wanting to make all things easy for her... he senses she has a deep dark story to tell... and he is willing to wait it out... 

She is responding to the old fashioned way Hank is with her... opening doors and picking up plates after the meal his mom gave them. He even changed all the sheets and quilts in his room for he set her there to sleep on her own... kind of a way to claim her for himself.

Both feel the pull and Hank decides to take things slow so as not to spook her... he will take his time fixing her car and she can help in the house while it is happening... giving him a chance to woo her... because for Hank... land or no land... Charlotte is his... and he knows it.

This was a sweet dreamy little story... you felt you were out on a ranch in the middle of no where... but calm about it all. You could see how people would love the land and life. 

The budding affection these two had was so sweet and built in a way, when they did get together... it was steamy and you could sense there was more to it then just hooking up... 
The only downside was no really deserved one. 

This is a series and the brothers are on a mission to get married in order to get their part of the ranch. Another brother will have their book in October 2014.

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