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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Back-Up List (Back-Up List #1) - Miriam Brady & Amber Best


    **** 4 1/2 Heart Melting Stars ****

Book provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.
This was such an enjoyable story to read.  Yeah, it may have been done many times before but not with the elements that “The Back-Up List” had. I cried, I hurt, I smiled, I laughed and I fell in love.

Sometimes, I did find myself skimming over some paragraphs because there were instances where too much “fluff” was added to the story.  Other than that though, I fell in love with Cal and found myself repeatedly wanting to knock some sense into Maddy.

To understand this story, you first must have a background to the characters.  Maddy is the main character who is married when the story starts to her high school sweetheart and they have 4 children.  Maddy is best-friends with Kinley and has been for about 20 years.  They act more like sisters, than friends.  
There are 4 best friends who spend a lot of time together and confide in each other.  They are Maddy, Kinley, Megan and Kate.  All 4 friends create what is called a “Back-up List” in case they find themselves either widowed or divorced.  This list is their “dream” guys that range from rock stars to actors - all of them out of the girls reach. The #1 on Maddy’s list is Calvin Hunt, the lead singer of her favorite rock band.

The story opens up with Maddy finding out that her husband and children were instantaneous killed in a car accident.  Kinley tries her best to help Maddy pick up the pieces of her broken heart especially when the girls pull together to get Maddy VIP tickets to see her “back-up” guy perform.

Now, we switch to Cal to has had countless women and meaningless relationships, but since the rest of the band is now married with children and he hits his 30’s….Cal is starting to seriously think about the future and if the “right” woman is out there for him.  The night of the concert, he peeks out into the crowd and sees Maddy.  Maddy who isn’t dressed like a hooker but instead she is REAL and fascinating to Cal.  

Cal pursues her by flying her and her friends out to Las Vegas, Florida and even England in order just to be in the same room with Maddy.  She isn’t like the rest of his fans because she treats him just like an ordinary person.  But something is off kilter with Maddy and Cal can’t figure it out.  He wonders:  Was she married?  Did he hurt her?  Why doesn’t she want a relationship?  Why does her eyes look haunted and sad?

Maddy and Cal have many obstacles to overcome if they want their “Happily Ever After” - there are times that Maddy pulls away from Cal and vice versa.  We get a look into how hard it is to open up again after having your world crash in around you…… hard it is to erase the past stigmata of being a womanizer.

This book also sets us up for the next story - the sparks are flying with Kinley and Cal’s brother Rory!!  I can’t wait!!

I would definitely recommend this book to others!!

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