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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mine (Real #2) - Katy Evans

*** 3 1/2 Rrrrriiiiipppptttttiiiiidddddeeee
Stars ***

I just want to start off this review by announcing that I didn't "HATE" this book.  I'm not a hater,'s just that I didn't LOVE it the way I did Real. 


 I LOVE REMY!! I will always love Remy - he can have me 6 days till Sunday and every way in between!!  Fuck yeah....kill Brooke Dumas - enter Carol Allen.

Ok...back to the review....Sothere were a few idiosyncrasies that happened in this book, I just couldn't get past.

These were - LICKING and SMELLING - Yeah, I know Remy was supposed to be Brooke's "Lion" and hell he was like an animal with her but I don't get how someone can "dry you from the bath by licking you"???  Aren't you still wet?  Hmmmm?  And the smelling?  I get it...I really do but come on...every time??  But hell, if it was Remy licking and smelling me.... He can even pick the gnats out of my fur.....and.....I FUCKING WOULDN'T COMPLAIN!! :-)

Another was the descriptions of Remy....I know he's hot, I know he has an 8 pack, I know he is a sex god.....yada, yada, yada.....Brooke just kept describing him time after time again that after awhile - I would roll my eyes and just read blah, blah, blah (like the teachers in the Snoopy cartoons).

Brooke - what can't I complain about with her?? She was whiny, She was insecure, She was a bitch,  now who in the right mind would egg on a person who suffers from Bipolar?  She couldn't hone in her insecurities and jealousies and the list just goes on and on.....  REMY......I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT SKANK!!!  Fuck....I'll lick you clean too.....DUMP THE BITCH....FUCK YOU BITCH HE IS MINE - GOT THAT? MINE  MINE  MINE  MINE  MINE

Wait....sorry....sorry....lost myself for a second there....back to the review - so other than that, I enjoyed the book especially my REMY   REMINGTON    RIPTIDE    SEX GOD EXTRODIARE

We start up this book right after "Real" and Remy and that bitch...oh sorry....I mean Brooke are back together.  Remy has been "blue" and ready to start up the fighting circuit again.  Everything is hunky dory in the life of Remy and Brooke....but wait....what's that?? Oh yeah - Brooke gets wind of something that happened while she was MIA and the jealously starts - she battles whether or not she can handle the relationship with Remy.

Remy is doing OUTSTANDING in the ring and lo and behold...another glitch in their HEA which starts out happy but soon turns to despair.  Brooke and Remy have to be separated during the season.  Brooke deals with her insecurities of what happened the last time she wasn't around and Remy has to deal with his "blue" turning to "black".  Brooke also has to deal with her parents' reaction to Remy along with her sister and her flighty ways.

Once Remy and Brooke are reunited and she is able to travel again, Remy then is visited by people from  his past and goes into his funk.  On top of is the end of the season and getting close to the final fight which is with Remy's nemesis "Scorpion"

What happens when Remy and Scorpion get into the ring together?

I will leave you with a spoiler about the ending though.....Scorpion stings Brooke and the bitch dies while they are in the ring fighting and breaks Remy's heart, but as I sit in the front row watching...I catch Remy's eye, he jumps out of the ring.....carries me out and we live HEA licking and smelling each other!


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