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Monday, November 4, 2013

A Change of Heart (Perfect, Indiana #3) - Barbara Longley

**** 4 PTSD Stars ****

ARC provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date - November 26, 2013

A Change of Heart is # 3 in a stand-alone series about a town named, Perfect, Indiana.  This book is Cory and Ted's romantic story.  I didn't read the other books and there wasn't a problem at all following the story and getting to know the characters from the prior books.  This was a sweet romance with moderate angst.

Cory has just returned from Afghanistan with a "dishonorable discharge" and a diagnosis of a personality disorder which labels her as "unfit for duty".  This all stems from her being raped by her CO.  Just because she stood up to him and wouldn't turn her head on what he was doing, even though he was found guilty, Cory still suffered the consequences.

Living in her mother's double-wide, Cory shuts down until her best-friend, Brenda pulls Cory out of her funk and finds her a job at L & L.  L & L employs all veterans of war who are dealing with traumatic past events from war.  Cory tries to deal with her PTSD and fear of men since she has no money, no medical benefits and no pension from the Army.

On Cory's first day at work, she is met with Ted screaming at his partner about hiring a new veteran without consulting him first.  As Ted turns around and meets Cory's eyes, he is stunned into disbelief and automatically feels the pull she has on him.  Ted tries to get Cory to open up to him and give  him a chance at having a relationship but Cory feels she is too broken for a healthy relationship.

Ted agrees to only being friends with Cory but he continues to push bit by bit for more.  Cory runs scared each time with her night terrors getting worse.  Ted feels that he is being duped and will never find the love he deserves.

Will Ted give up the chase and friendship of Cory?

Will Cory continue to fight the Army to try and get her benefits so she can get help?

Will there be a HEA?

All of these questions will be answered if you decide to pick up this book to read!

Meet the Author:

Barbara grew up in a litter of five, and she and her siblings were each born in a different state. Moving around so frequently, she learned early on how to entertain herself with stories. As an adult, she has lived on a commune in the Appalachians, taught on an Indian reservation, and traveled from coast to coast. When her own children came along, Ms. Longley decided to try something new—staying put. She has made Minnesota her home ever since.

By day, Barbara teaches young children how to read. She holds a Masters in Education, and has taught elementary education for many years. By night, she likes to explore things mythical, metaphysical, and paranormal. Much of what she learns makes its way into her stories, where all things are possible. While she loves teaching, reading and writing are her passions.

Contact the Author:

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