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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Willing Captive - Belle Aurora


****4 Romantic Comedy Stars****

I picked this book because of a status update from one of my BBF's on Goodreads - I just saw the word "pee-pee" and couldn't believe how an author could fit that word into a book about kidnapping.

Well, I wasn't disappointed - I was cracking up throughout the book with how na├»ve and cute Lily was.  She was a feisty little thang!

Lily comes from a very rich family and her life is in danger.  Someone is sending threatening letters to her father's company.  This is where Nox and his crew come in to kidnap Lily from her home and keep her safe.

Nox is ALPHA!! Way, way Alpha and they continue to butt heads which brings in the comedy....but not only is it funny....Belle Aurora incorporates so many other emotions throughout the book.  Even to the point where I teared up.

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