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Saturday, September 21, 2013

UnAttainable (Undeniable #3) - Madeline Sheehan

*****5 Out of this World Stars*****
This is the 3rd book in the series UndeniableWow....what can I say? When I first started this book, it was kinda confusing trying to remember past stories along with not only being the story about just 1 couple, but 2.After about the first few chapters, I was really into this....and HOOKED!!! I mean so hooked, I gave up going out to dinner and curled up with a mission to finish the book before I fell asleep!

You know the author does a great job when you start sobbing during a MC book along with your heart bleeding and cheering for criminals who are capable of the most degradable acts.This book delves into the relationship between Tegen and Cage.
 Tegen has been in love with Cage since childhood when he sat down with her to have a tea party. She lost her virginity to him at 16 where she proclaimed her love for him and his answer was, "It ain't like that for me, baby." Tegen then flees the town as soon as she is able and builds a fortress around herself both physically and mentally. She knows she is still in love with Cage, the man whore of Hell's Horsemen, but continually berates him, ignores him and plain out snubs him in order to try to protect her wounded heart.
Cage is battling demons of trying to live up to his father's standards, along with not "feeling" the joy of all the whores he plugs. Tegen comes back to help her mom out and Cage realizes how hot and bothered he is from just being around her. The more time he spends dealing with her wrath and sexual antics, he realizes it has always been Tegen for him.During the book, Cage irritated me with his use of "bitch" and disregard for Tegen's emotional vulnerability. Tegen irritated me with all her hot screaming, slapping, punching, disregard for the club etc. Sometimes, I just wanted to reach in the book and "bitch slap" her!
Then we have the back story of Dirty and Ellie.Ellie was friends with Danny but snubbed the club life and left to forward her career. She comes back to the town because of her mother's health. She is then almost raped by the chief of police and Dirty saves her from a fate worse then death. I loved how Ellie's personality and patience helped Dirty through his many fucked up issues. - what can I say about Dirty? I think he was the character in this story that I feel most in love with. We find out why Dirty hides behind his cloak of filth and hair. Through Ellie, Dirty learns that he is worth the love of a good woman.
Throughout the book, we also revisit ZZ, Ripper, Danny, Deuce, Eva, Dorothy, Jase and Hawk.
We learn more about Dorothy's "amnesia" after being shot in the head during "Unbeautifully and it also gives us the lead-in into the book of the series, "Unbeloved".
My hats off to Madeline for her power to take me through a journey of love and hate!

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