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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Dara Nichols Series - Marata Eros


DNF (Did Not Finish)

I could not finish this book - don't get me was fantastically scrumptous during the first and part of the second story but how many stories in a row can you read about gang bang sex?

Geez, when I read the first story I was so ready to break out my B.O.B. and go to town - that story was freakin' AWESOME!! I was so aroused - even more so than watching JAX's naked coolie on SOA!

Then I got to the second story and for a bit it held my attention and yeah I was turned on but it was the same thing over again....

By the third story I just couldn't take it anymore - yeah it's erotic and stimulating but it was the same...Darla getting gang banged by 3 or more and getting all her holes filled with seeping cum.

The author does have a knack for writing erotic stories, but I'm sorry - I just couldn't do it anymore.

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