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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Synchronized Breathing - Tara Ellison


****4 Self-Journey Stars****

ARC provided by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date - November 14, 2013

This is a heart felt story of self discovery in which the main character, Scarlett, has always relied on men to lead her in life.  Men to make decisions on how she dresses, who are her friends, and how she should act around others.  She knows she is being manipulated, but because they have a child together, Scarlett tried so hard to make things work....until enough was enough and she left.

It was a bit difficult in the beginning of the book to get interested - but after about 20% - I was connecting with the characters and got caught up in Scarlett's life.

Scarlett's personality and self-esteem comes directly from her mother, Ce-Ce.  Ce-Ce jumps from man to man after being married a few times.  She doesn't believe in showing any type of affection and publically announces how to have the BEST sex ever.  It just seems that Scarlett is always in the background of men and her mother.

After leaving her husband and moving back in with her mother, Scarlett decides to go back to being a make-up artist and actress for commercials.  She continually meets up with obstacles along with having to listen to her mother consistently badgering her to "get back on the horse" and date.

What a big mistake this was for Scarlett...she keeps making the same mistakes and choosing the "WRONG" type of men.  Men she knows subconsciously that she would never have a future with....just for example....Dominick will never marry - he floats from woman to woman to have sex.....then there is Jeremy who she really fell in love with but then after a few months found out that he would never settle with her because of Oliver, her son....then there was Paul - well I can't give away too much information.

So, Scarlett is in a scarce dead-end jobs along with loser what would any sane woman do?

Yup....go to a psychic!  She is informed that she needs a "man diet" and everything will fall into place.

The rest is up to you to find out what happens!!

Cheers to Tara Ellison on her debut book.

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