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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Survivor - J. F. Gonzalez


**** 4 Skin Crawling Stars ****

I originally rated this book as 5 Stars but took a star back because of the visions I have been having in my mind about some of the scenes in this book along with the horrific grammatical errors. I’m not complaining about the errors because it could have just been I received an older copy before the editors got to it.

I do have to share 2 instances of these errors because they made me chuckle during a really sick fucked up book….

  •                   There are many times “luck” is used instead of “fuck” (sounds silly)
  •                   At one point she says – “Oh My Cod” instead of God

Back to my thoughts, this is a very very disturbing book and I LOVED IT!! Yes, I have a sick mind and love this kind of stuff on occasion – this book did test my boundaries on what is acceptable and what isn’t.

This is NOT a LOVE STORY… is not unicorns and rainbows with Happily Ever Afters… is a raw, dirty, gory and mind fuck book about rape, snuff films, cannibalistic tendencies and torture beyond anything your mind can conceive.

There were many times in the book where I had to step away and take a break from the feelings I was having about what was going on with the characters because if not – I seriously would have either had a heart attack or a mental breakdown. This story grips you from about ¼ of the way in and you just need to know what is going to happen next.

Ok, so Lisa has a secret to tell Brad, her husband, and they are off on their way to spend a romantic get-a-way weekend together. They are set up in a citizen’s arrest and Brad is arrested while Lisa is kidnapped and brought to a cabin to star in a snuff film.

We are then introduced to Tim (abductor), Al (film producer) and Jeff (aka Animal) who is the other star of the snuff film. Animal is anyone’s nightmare because he is the ultimate masochist who loves to fuck any orifice on the human body whether it’s already there or he has to make one. (Yup – sick shit). Lisa watches in horror as another woman has to experience Animal’s demented sexcapades and after having been prone to Animal’s tendencies, Lisa begs and tries to ransom her way out of being “next”.

To Lisa, she believes that if she does as they ask by giving them close to a hundred grand and help exchange herself for something better, then she will be let free without EVER mentioning what happened in that cabin. Lisa follows through with their demands but as she is about to go, she knows they will never let her free – she gets lucky and is able to run away and escape.

We then find out, that it was Lisa specifically who was requested to star in a snuff film by an unknown benefactor of the underground. This mystery man/woman wants her raped, mutilated and dead and money is not an issue. These men must get Lisa back without “passing go and collecting $200”.

Welp, that’s it for the main story line – you have to read the book to find out if Lisa makes it or not and who the “mystery person” is. I’ll just leave you with – I was fucking FLOORED when I found out.

If you have a queasy tummy or get offended easily – this is NOT the book for you!

If you love a good psychological gory thriller…then pick this book up!

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