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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sing (Songs of Submission #7) - CD Reiss



ARC provided by the publisher, eXcessica Publishing, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

This is the last book in the novella series, Songs of Submission

Every once in awhile, I come across a series that keep my mind churning constantly about the storyline and characters.  HUH....This is one of those times; CD Reiss is an artist using words as her canvas and our minds as her masterpiece.

I requested this 7th novella book through NetGalley without reading books 1-6 and I actually gave an inward sigh about spending my weekend having to read about BDSM (cause how many times can someone read the same kink over and over again without losing interest?)  Well, wasn't I surprised, that not only did I finish all the books in less than 2 days, but I FELL IN LOVE!!

This series was not only about BDSM and submission, but it was a heart wrenching romance all tied into one!  It skimmed the lines of romance, kink, alpha, mystery, thriller, love, hate, angst, heartbreak, abuse along with so many other categories and emotions.

We left "Resist" with a MAJOR cliffhanger which is the premise of "Sing".  Jonathan is no longer the strong, controlling master and Monica is left alone to deal with his family, his ex-wife and her music career.

Throughout this book Monica learns that even though she may be submissive in the bedroom, she is a far cry from that in life.  She steps up to the plate to make sure that Jonathan is taken care of and also to make sure that he will be in her future.

I can't say too much without giving the story away - but I will leave you with a few hints...

I sobbed;
I cried;

I smiled;

I hated;
I loved;

I prayed;

I cursed;
I sobbed again;

I cringed;

and then,
I laughed.

If it's the last thing you do today....pick up this series and experience a MASTERPIECE!

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