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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Running Back (New York Leopards #2) - Allison Parr

             ****4 Cute Delightful Stars****

ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date - October 21, 2013

This book is Michael O'Connor's story from the series "New York Leopards".  It is a delightful quick and easy read.  This book is free of angst and low on drama while dealing with a budding romance between rivals turned to lovers.

Natalie Sullivan is doing her thesis for archeology while looking for the lost city of Ivernis in Ireland.  She has good reason to believe the site is located at Kilkarten.  Everything is all set for her to travel to Ireland and start her dig after the approval of the owner.  But as any good drama - the owner dies and the property is left to none other than - Michael O'Connor.  Well, Mike has other plans for the property and it doesn't include it being dug up by Natalie and her crew.

Natalie tries everything in her power to win over Mike but continues to hit a brick wall.  We have guest appearances from the characters of "Rush Me" and Rachael tries her hardest to play cupid and get Mike and Natalie together.

Natalie decides to continue her plans to visit Ireland and the town while Mike is traveling with his family to Ireland to attend his uncle's memorial.  They end up being in the same inn together and Mike's family instantly falls in love with Natalie and continue where Rachael left off by playing cupid.

The sparks fly between Mike and Natalie and next thing you know they are sharing a bed, sharing secrets and sharing a love.  But Natalie has a problem and a secret about who her mother really is and it all comes out when her and Mike travel to Paris for a charity event.

Does Natalie ever find Ivernis?

Does she get a chance to dig?

Who is Natalie's mother?

You'll just have to read the book in order to get these questions answered!!

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