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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Resist (Songs of Submission #6) - CD Reiss


This is the 6th book in the novella series Songs of Submission

Oh no - Oh no - Oh no.....NO FREAKING WAY!!!  Don't leave me hanging like this.....

This is the book where we finally learn EVERYTHING about Jonathan - about his past - about his lies and cover-ups and you know what????.......Jonathan freakin' rocks!!

He doesn't think he deserves Monica and blames himself for so much that has happened and believes that every woman he ever cared about was destroyed, but that doesn't stop Monica from standing by his side (even while little seeds of doubt continue to rear their ugly heads).

More and more obstacles invade Monica's and Jonathan's relationship including Rachel and Jessica.  Jessica will stop at nothing to destroy Jonathan and Monica will stop at nothing to bring the bitch DOWN!!

This series is compelling, emotionally draining, and swoon worthy along with some of the best sex scenes EVER!!

OK....on to the last book in the series - "Sing"

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