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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hush Little Baby - Suzanne Redfearn


*****5+++++ Suspenseful - Heart pounding Stars*****

ARC provided by Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date - October 8, 2013

Just...Wow - That was all I could think after finishing this book.  I was in tears and terrorized myself while reading.  I continued to put myself into the character's thoughts and shoes to understand the terror of abuse and how hard it is to RUN and SURVIVE!!

This is Suzanne Redfearn's debut novel and I have to say....DAMN!! This is going to be a breakthrough novel for her!  Her writing is intense and riveting - when I read this...I was living it through her eyes and emotions.

Suzanne brings us through the journey of Jillian trying to get away from her abusive husband along with saving her children, her parents and any friend willing to step in to help her.
Jillian looks like she has it all - she is a very successful  VP in an architectural firm who's husband dotes on her along with her two children.  He is seen as a hero in the police force, a devout Christian, a great little league coach, and the list goes on, but behind closed doors he is physically and mentally abusive who only has one thing in mind...getting his wife pregnant again.  He threatens her life and the life of their children if she ever leaves him, he kicks, strangles, punches etc (only where the bruises could be hid).

When Jillian finally gets the courage to tell him that she wants to leave him....he locks her out of the house and empties the bank accounts immediately moving his mistress in the house.  Jillian tries to fight to get her children back even though she questions her worth as a mother but Gordon blocks every attempt setting her up to make it look like she is insane and an unfit mother.

It gets to a point that Jillian has had enough and takes the children and RUNS, but it doesn't take long for Gordon to find them.  Through some luck, Jillian is able to thwart him and finds a somewhat safe place to hide.  Through the couple months she is hidden, she connects with her children and watches them grow emotionally without the stress of an overbearing father.
There is so much more to the story than what I have written, but the only way to experience the same angst I went through is to pick up a copy of the book!!

This book engrossed me from the minute I picked it up until the end - like I said before - I was right there experiencing what Jillian did!!

Ms Redfearn is definitely going places after this spectacular novel.

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