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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chosen - Barbara Elsborg

***** 5 Crazy Bizarre Stars *****

When a book makes me stay up late to finish it on a work night – then it’s a winner!! I have read a few of Barbara Elsborg’s books and NEVER expected a book like this. This book had me on the edge of my seat trying to anticipate what was going to happen next. There never was a moment where I started to skim through the paragraph because of fluffy descriptions.

As I think about Kate (the heroine) there are 2 sayings that keep popping in my head:

“She takes a licking, but keeps on ticking” and “She keeps Going, and going, and going like the energizer bunny.”

Kate was my fucking hero in this book – a sweet quiet girl who blends into the background because she doesn’t want to be noticed for her good looks. She was raped at 16 years old and just wants to be safe and undetected. That was all going to change with one knock on her door and a bouquet of flowers shoved in her face and viola…..we meet Jack!

Who the hell is Jack?? That’s what Kate wants to know too – the only thing she does know is that Jack just proposed to her and kidnaps her on a journey to Vegas to get hitched.

What Kate doesn’t know yet is that Jack is her worst nightmare!! As they travel to Vegas she learns Jack isn’t the “hopeless romantic” that proposed to her earlier, instead she is traveling with a homicidal psychopath. Kate continually tries to escape with the key word being “tries” and each time she fails, she gets tortured worse and worse. You would think Kate would learn to just let it go and give in to this psychotic asshole, but she doesn’t. Instead she gets cut, punched, bit and also others killed because of her need to escape.

Others are drawn into Jack's demented mind and Kate has to try to keep everyone safe including keeping herself alive.

While, in Texas Kate's neighbor gets the police involved trying to solve where the hell Kate went.....and then we have Nathan, Jack's half-brother, who has a vendetta against Jack and is searching for him.  Just wait until Nathan gets involved and find out why he hates Jack so much!

It's the twists and turns in this book that really get you and when you think that you finally figured out who did it or who is then turns another way making your guesses even crazier!!

This is such a great book if you are looking for a psychological thriller that really messes with your mind!!

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  1. Someone chooses someone, and someone refuses someone. Life is such a complicated thing. I abandoned my spouse and filed for divorce because he abandoned our family many years ago. We made our choice and now we live with this choice.