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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Burn (Songs of Submission #5) - CD Reiss


*****5 OMG STARS*****

This is the 4th book in the novella series Songs of Submission

WOW....what revelations we learn in this book - more steps closer to finally figure out what makes Jonathan tick!!

Monica again runs but Jonathan vows to wait for her to return and he knows she will.  Kevin plays a role in this one and we learn how much of an ass he really is!!

During the separation, Monica realizes how empty she feels without Jonathan and she has some really tough choices to make.  Her music career isn't going how she wanted it to and she is scared about her safety.

Jonathan has a few tricks up his sleeve in order to win Monica back and DAMN, I wish I had a man like him!

Pick up this book to read about how Kevin, Monica and Darren are getting along while working together, learn more about Jonathan's past and all the other twists and turns throughout this romance!!

Ok....on to "Resist"

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