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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Behind the Lens (Behind the Lives #3) - Marita Hansen

****4 Action Packed Panty Wetting Stars****

So Marita....this time you have tugged at my heart strings and made me hate a character so much that I am losing sleep over it.

I never thought it was possible to hate some fictional character as much as I hate Kara....and her manipulative, self-absorbed, hypocritical ways. I can rant and rant and continue to rant all night about how much I hate that bitch....but as my mom always said when I would start getting mad at a character on TV...."That's how you know a great author is writing.  A great author can make you hate a character by words and actions. But it's a poor author who makes you feel indifferent."

You have done that have made me hate and love and NEVER ONCE made me feel indifferent to any of the characters in your books!

This book revolves around Dante with the old main characters coming into play again.  We have Beth and (pfft) Kara, Corey and Sledge.  We also say "Howdy ho" to Nike and Saul and meet a new character Jade.

Now if you want a book about "rooting" - damn...then this is the book for you!! The sex scenes are fucking off the roof on a sweltering July day in New York STEAMY!!!

Dante and Beth
There relationship is on the rocks now that Dante's ex is back in the scene again.  Beth throws a little hissy fit (which she had every right to) and Dante breaks up with her.  Beth goes through a few moments where she questions her commitment to Dante.


Dante an Kara
Kara and Dante dated for a few years but Kara left Dante heartbroken.  Dante has trust issues when it comes to Kara but his libido isn't having any problems with her!  Kara fights to be back with her man but is she doing it for the right reasons?

Corey and Sledge
More drama stems from their relationship while Sledge is still having problems coming out about his relationship with Corey.  Poor little Corey continues to get thrown into situations in which he needs rescuing. Then a surprise visit from a "person who will remain un-named" who may put a wedge between Corey and Sledge.

Whew...Jade - God I love Jade!! He is obsessed with Dante and will DO ANYTHING for one night with him.  I see Jade as Dante's guardian angel.

Works for Craven and continues to make the reader he a good guy or a bad guy??  Marita takes us through so many twists in story that you will end up questioning your own sanity with who Saul really is.

Plays a big part in scene during the climax of the story.  I think Nike's best scene in this story was when he was driving Corey home while Corey was hallucinating.  That was definitely the comic relief!!

Then we have the big CLIFF-HANGER at the end......

I'm telling ya people - pick this series up....I am still amazed at the story which included Porno Parties, Paddles, Russian Roulette, Girl on Girl fighting and so much more!!

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