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Monday, October 14, 2013

Behind the Hood (Behind the Lives #1) - Marita A. Hansen


J to the H to the C!! What a freakin' story....I couldn't put this book down once I started the first page all the way up to the end.  If I could have read while driving - I would have!! And you know it's a good book when I hold in my pee for 8 hours while I'm at work cause I don't want stop reading at my desk.

This book was one of those types - it moved fast so freakin fast I could have used cliff notes (oppss...sorry giving away my age...I meant Spark Notes) to keep track.

I think what amazed me the most about this (sorry I took notes while I was at work but forgot to save them to my phone) so please bear with me. Ok...I hope you can understand the point I am trying to get across -------

Marita used a style of writing which reminded me of "The Butterfly Effect" or "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" (hahaha - I crack myself up).

See it all started with one act of Tama (we shall call him a-hole) - that in effect created a domino sequence which resulted in bringing people into their lives where at one point everyone in the story was either hurt or dead because of this one act. Is your head spinning yet?

Then we have the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" where everyone in the book all has a past incident which relates back to Tama.  For example, when Maia is in the hospital her roommate is Stella, and Maia doesn't know her from squat.....but they share Tama in common - Maia is there because of a direct result of Tama - Stella is there as an indirect result of Tama and that ties (tangles) the two girls together.

***whew.....deep breath......Ok....I'm back

What a tangled web we weave......that's what pops into my mind when I think of this story - Marita definitely had some underlying meaning when she tangled all these lives together. I think we can teach a college English course on this style of writing. :D

I can't list the examples cause that more or less gives away the whole story but that would ruin such a spectacular book being wasted.  You must - must read this book - it's not a romance, yes, it's YA but it's so mature that you forget these are teenagers.

Tama - shit...I mean A-HOLE - is the leader of a gang and totally psychotic.  He is so impressed with his 10 inch dick that he just thinks all the ladies want to have sex with him even though they really don't.  He is the catalyst of this story by stabbing Maia.  Ugh...he should be dead.

Mikey - Tama's cousin and secretly has a crush on Maia and feels so guilty about being with Tama when she was stabbed.  He has a lot of issues he has to deal with throughout the book.  He was my silent hero in this book.

Nike and Jess - they are married and Tama has a beef with Nike from years back while he also OBSESSES over Jess. This just turns into a total fuckery between Nike, Tama and Jess.

Sledge, Trey, Naf and Corey - Tama's boys and with the future books we will learn more of what makes these guys tick.

Jayden - Ahhh Jayden - Tama's best mate - You know I was soo pissed off at what Jayden did...but I still had my "awww" moment and was happy for him.

Leila - married to Jayden - was having sex with Tama but was still in love with Nike.  She is a bitch throughout the book but saves face at the end.

Ash and Dante - older brothers to Sledge and Ash is friends with Nike.  Ash has a back story which is delicate and that is explained in "Graffiti Heaven".

There are other characters in this book that effect the story also but I'm sorry you are just gonna have to go pick up your own copy cause my brain is fried!!

Oh, and get this...the ending will really fuck up your mind!

Cheers, Marita Hansen for a MASTERPIECE!! <3

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