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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Madeleine, Abducted (The Estate #1) - M. S. Willis

*** 3 1/2 Captive Stars ***

How do I start this?  I think I may the minority here but I had a very hard time getting into this book.  I was looking for a DARK romance and I felt that Aaron didn't come close to it.  Yeah, he had a few moments but the only part of the book I felt compared with "dark" was the last 5% of it.

This book was well written and I know there have been a lot of my buddies on Goodreads that are rating this as a "5 Star" - maybe it's just my time of the month and I just wasn't feeling it.

Please don't go solely on my rating system to chose your books, but read the other comments as well.  My tastes may fall far from yours.

The story, Madeleine is a proclaimed cellist and composer - something about her songs call to Aaron and pulls him to her.  Maddy is an introvert though and more or less is a tiny hermit hiding behind her cello.


Aaron's father is "godfather" of The Estate and is losing his mind to alcohol, control, women (slaves) and drugs.  Aaron refuses to partake in the slave ring but is the assassin for The Estate.  In order to try to corrupt his son, Joseph kidnaps Maddy and gifts her to Aaron for his birthday.

Aaron has to battle his inner demons because on one hand he wants to possess Maddy but doesn't want to give up the little bit of morality he has left.  It is a constant battle of heart against head which wrestles with Aaron on a daily basis to keep Maddy safe from himself and safe from the monsters of The Estate.

Maddy learns what sexual anticipation is by being Aaron's slave.  He continues to torture her to extremes without the final outcome.  Maddy learns what it is like to have her freedom taken away and be submissive to her Master.

Zander is best friend and body guard to Aaron until Maddy shows up.  Then he is regaled to take care and train Maddy in order to survive living at The Estate.  Zander softens his reserve with Maddy and the two become more than capture r and captive.

There was very little BDSM and dark matter in this book unless Maddy was called into the "Ballroom".  On the few times she was there, things happened to others to make my skin crawl. Especially the final scene with the slave whores.

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